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”It” will take an example from ”Mysterious Events”

Image Whereas previously serial dramas sought to achieve the quality of big cinema, in the Golden Age of television, Hollywood filmmakers began to take an example from the creators of popular TV series.

One of the most high-profile novelties of the current TV season is the thriller "Stranger Things" ( Stranger Things ), which earned rave reviews from critics for creating a unique atmosphere of the 80s. The eight-part project of the online service Netflix evoked such warm nostalgic feelings among viewers that it became a reference point for the team of the full-length film adaptation of Stephen King's famous novel It .

We're taking a cue from“ Mysterious Events,” producer Dan Lin admitted in an interview with Collider . -This series is a brilliant homage to a multitude of 80s films, from Steven Spielberg to film adaptations of the King of Horror . Our project can also be compared to the "Stay with Me" tape, which managed to show a real childhood friendship.


So far, we mainly shoot scenes with our young actors. For a couple of months of work, they managed to become great friends. It was only after they created their Losers Club that we invited Bill Skarsgard to the set. We've looked at a lot of actors for Pennywise , but Bill was the one who made the biggest impression on us. We wanted our clown to be different from the look Tim Curry created in the 1990 miniseries. During screen tests, Skarsgard was so convincing that our entire team got goosebumps. "


We previously reported that Skarsgard will be accompanied on screen by the young star of “ Mysterious Events ” - Finn Wolfard, who is to embody the image of Richie Tozier .

It will be released in USA on September 7, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman