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The CW will host gladiator fights

Image In recent years, the The CW channel has greatly diversified its line of programs - today you can meet vampires, zombies, hunters for evil spirits, superheroes of various calibers and teenagers from the town a la Twin Peaks. In autumn, the air of The CW will flare up serious passions in the remake of "Dynasty", and now the site Variety has learned that the television network is going to visit Ancient Rome.

According to the source, the bosses of The CW are launching a female gladiator drama based on the novel Leslie Livingston The Valiant . The new show will be written and executive produced by Laurie Arent (Client List) and Mary Beth Basil (Road to Fall). The original work was published in February and received many positive reviews - readers and critics alike appreciated the dynamism and brutality of the book, as well as its romantic component.

The main heroine of the novel is a girl named Fallon - the daughter of the Celtic king and the sister of the legendary warrior killed by the army of Guy Julius Caesar. It is not yet clear how much the film adaptation will repeat the plot of the original source, but according to the description of the project, Fallon will run away from home, leaving behind an arranged marriage and a carefree life. However, the girl falls into slavery to Caesar and becomes one of the first gladiators who must fight in the arena of the Colosseum for fame, money and their own freedom.


Should the new series receive an order for a full season, it will be interesting to see how The CW handles the historical drama genre this time around. Reign, the previous project of this kind, was a success with viewers, but was always overshadowed by other, more popular shows on the channel - The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and action superheroes like Arrow and The Flash.

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Author: Jake Pinkman