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A Christmas Carol in a Feminine Way

Image Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol is an endless source of inspiration for filmmakers around the world. The work has already served as the basis for many adaptations, parodies and various interpretations of the story of the curmudgeon Scrooge .

As the site The Tracking Board exclusively managed to find out, the creators of another project are planning to transfer the classics to screens in an unusual form - Scrooge will change the gender. The production company Myriad Pictures is preparing a picture called Scroogette , the events of which will take place in our time. The script for the tape is written by Teresa Keil (Riley Tales / Girl Meets World ).

As in the original, the new project takes place on Christmas Eve. A wealthy and arrogant schoolgirl is visited by the Christmas spirit of the Past , Present and Future to show her the true meaning of family and friendship. Like Ebenezer Scrooge , this night the heroine will radically change her outlook on life.

Hollywood producers have made Scrooge a woman more than once, but only on small screens. So, in 1995, the TV movie "Abby and the Spirits of Christmas" was released with Susan Lucci in the title role, and in 2003 Tori Spelling tried on the image of a celebrity in the film "A Christmas Carol", the prototype of which was the hero of Dickens .


Other films produced by Myriad Pictures include the crime comedy Killer Haircut and the dramatic horror film On the Edge of Depression, as well as the TV series The Borgias ( The Borgias ).

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