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Netflix will join the Oscar race

Image The online service Netflix started creating its own content only three years ago, but has already managed to present the world with such series as "Barygi" ( Narcos ), "Marco Polo" ( Marco Polo ), "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ), "Jessica Jones" ( Jessica Jones ), "Luke Cage" ( Luke Cage) and "Mysterious Events" ( Stranger Things ). The film production department of the American corporation is also developing rapidly. However, while Netflix series wins at the Emmy television awards with enviable regularity, it has been difficult for streaming service films until recently to make it into at least the number of nominees for “ Oscar ".

Netflix documentaries have already competed four times for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award, but their feature films have never claimed a gold statuette. Idris Elba's role in Roleless Beasts earned Idris Elba the Screen Actors Guild of the USA prize and a Golden Globe nomination, but at the 88th Oscar"war drama was not featured in any category. A stumbling block for Netflix and many other online services is the rule that a movie must be on the screens of Los Angeles cinemas for at least a week.

In August, we reported that The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has decided to accommodate streaming services and allow films that cannot reach theaters to enter the BAFTA Awards. Their New World counterparts were reluctant to follow suit, forcing Netflix to look for a way to meet Academy Award .


The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix has secured an agreement with iPic , an elite Los Angeles cinema chain, which will show the streaming service movies on large screens. immediately after their online premiere.

Netflix is currently in production with the thriller They Killed My Father First: Memories of Cambodia's Daughter, the biographical drama America's Most Hateful Woman, the war comedy War Machine, and many other ambitious projects. Thanks to the deal with iPic , their creators will be able to become full-fledged participants in the race for the main film award in the world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman