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Catch The Lion King If You Can

Image Studio Disney has decided not to postpone preparations for the filming of the remake of "The Lion King " on the back burner - the project was announced just two weeks ago, but the leadership of the major has already selected a scriptwriter for the picture.

According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , it will be Jeff Nathanson , who has often collaborated with Steven Spielberg. Among their collaborations, you can find films Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In addition, Nathanson has written lyrics for two parts of the Rush Hour franchise. If we talk about the collaboration of Jeff with Disney , then he is one of the authors who worked on the fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Two weeks ago, the director of the new "The Lion King" was named - filming will be led by Jon Favreau, whose "The Jungle Book" grossed nearly $ 1 billion . Favreau intends to use the same concept and technologies used for the creation of The Jungle Book in the work on the remake of the 1994 cartoon.


The Lion King won two Oscars and three Golden Globes and is rightfully considered one of the best cartoons Disney .

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