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Scare me again, but harder

Image Remakes, reboots, spin-offs, sequels and prequels are not just fashionable Englishisms, but also something that has taken over modern cinemas to some extent. Stories continue, rewritten, reborn - all to the delight of the nostalgic viewer and the producer's wallet. The trend does not pass by the horror genre, which is only one of Hollywood remakes of Japanese horror films.

Time will tell what will happen to Max Landis' recently launched American Werewolf in London project. The sequel to his father's film of the same name, "American Werewolf in Paris", did not bring the expected success, although the original became famous for its revolutionary special effects at that time and the first Oscar in the category Best Makeup .

In the meantime, the editors of LostFilm.INFO decided to recall some of the equally legendary horror films, also retaken in our time. Let's see if the thesis that the remake is just a pathetic copy of the original is true? ..


Dracula ( Francis Ford Coppola vs. NBC )

Of course, there are many variations and interpretations of the plot about the bloodthirsty graph, and we do not forget about the very first and still legendary version with the dark genius of White Lugosi or the film with the magnificent Christopher Lee. Late Victorian aesthetics, coupled with violence, sex, passion and love, have always attracted fans of terrifying and captivating stories.


Today, however, we pay tribute to the beautiful, dark romance "Dracula" 1992 from the master Francis Ford Coppola with Gary Oldman as the enamored vampire count. Perhaps even today this picture can be called one of the best among those filmed based on the Gothic novel by Bram Stoker. It is no coincidence that the director named his film adaptation Bram Stoker's Dracula , emphasizing the closeness to the original. Indeed, his version is considered the most consistent interpretation of the famous plot, and many fans find it even more successful than the original source. Still, Coppola , together with the writers and the attractive Oldman , enriched the story, adding liveliness, romance and greater humanity to the image of the count.
As confirmation of the quality, at least the external component, - statuettes from the Film Academy for Best Costumes , Best Sound Editing and Best Makeup .


Let's also recall the Dracula ( Dracula ) TV series from NBC with the charming Jonathan Reese Myers as an American entrepreneur who came to Victorian England to conduct there electrification, to destroy the almost Masonic conspiracy and, of course, to bring back his beloved. The TV adaptation is also not a remake, but a completely independent and original work, which received good reviews from critics and viewers, but did not meet the expectations of the channel, which did not renew the series for a second season.

The Wolf Man ( George Waggner vs. Joe Johnston )

Another film story about a werewolf arose on the wave of the popularity of this topic closer to the middle of the last century. The Wolf Man George Waggner is a horror classic about infection and the fight against evil spirits. Unlike most modern films that focus on action, the center of the plot of this picture was the suffering of the protagonist, forced to take an inhuman appearance against his will. And if earlier the Gothic style frightened with ancient castles and abandoned tombs, then after watching "The Wolf Man" the viewer should avoid the dark forests, lit by the full moon. Some, regarding the release of the film in the landmark 1941, drew a parallel with the fact that
"The Wolf Man" is the fifth titan of Universal , one of those who, along with the same Dracula , will get into the future crossover of the new MCU.


The Wolfman 2010 of the famous Joe Johnston with stars of the first magnitude - Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt - as an attempt to Universal the plot, despite the composition of the participants, turned out to be a failure. Although it was the modern remake that won the Oscar for Best Makeup . The makeup there is really creepy and very naturalistic. At the same time, I don't want to scold the remake much - the English aristocrat-werewolf in London from the Spaniard del Toro turned out to be convincing, but wanting to honor the memory of the legendary film, the creators somehow missed their own handwriting and slipped into banality. With the failure of this solo project, the film company wanted to renew the franchises.

The Fly ( Kurt Neumann vs. David Cronenberg )

Another plot about terrible transformations can be found in the unusual horror film "The Fly" from 1958 with David Hedison as a scientist who became the victim of his own experiment. True, throughout almost the entire action of the picture, the viewer is content with his face covered with a huge mask: Andre Delambre struggles with the terrible consequences of an accidental mistake, slowly turning into a disgusting fly. Neumann , based on the novel of the same name by George Langelaan, managed to fit a completely Kafkaesian plot into the framework of a horror movie, and he did it at a height: "Fly" was a box office success. Unfortunately, the director himself did not live to see the release of the film.


The Fly of the great and terrible David Cronenberg is one of those remakes that have gained even more success and recognition than the original. The director may well be called a horror philosopher. His heroes in the future are tormented by questions of self-identification and suffer from psychic perversions. However, it is "The Fly" - and to this day his most popular and grossing work, commissioned by XX Century Fox in the wake of revising old stories with the help of new technologies.


The version of Cronenberg can be called a melodrama of horrors, since the line of the relationship between the transforming scientist and his beloved comes out on top here. David 's skill in portraying a nightmare is off scale: some of the most naturalistic scenes really want to turn away and not at all because of the boo effect. The work of visualizing the terrible was also appreciated by film academics - the statuette "For the best makeup" .

Rosemary's Baby ( Roman Polanski vs. Agnieszka Holland )

Let's move on from mystical transformations to more devilish bells and whistles. Rosemary's Baby based on the then-fresh novel by Ira Levin from the Polish director Polanski immediately in 1968 became a classic of the genre. The film touches upon the problems of occult organizations and the upcoming coming of Antichrist . According to the plot, after a strange vision, the recently pregnant Rosemary Woodhouse creeps in doubts that suspicious neighbors have dragged her into some kind of terrible cult. Pale and thin, Mia Farrow looks flawless in the role of the victim, but Oscar then took Ruth Gordon - for the secondary role of the maniacal neighbor. The film captivates not only with an increasingly oppressive atmosphere, but also with psychologism. At the same time, with his research on the illusory nature of what is happening "Rosemary's Baby" isn't exactly your typical horror movie. It definitely has elements of thriller and family drama.


In 2014, the ingenious TV channel NBC decided to bring the famous story to small screens by filming a remake. The miniseries Rosemary's Baby starring Zoe Saldana is made with respect to the creator of the original film adaptation. The action moves from New York to Paris, Rosemary changes her skin color.


Stylistically, the series of the Oscar-winning Agnieszka Holland is filmed in fashionable trends today, the plot itself, which unfolds around a pregnant woman, cannot fail to attract attention in our time, and, most importantly, it inspires to re-view the masterpiece Polanski .

The Omen ( Richard Donner vs. John Moore )

The Omen Richard Donner may not be called a masterpiece, but it is quite a model in its genre. The story of the boy Damien , who came in human form Antichrist , is painfully simple and familiar. Probably, the filmmakers did not come up with an even more sophisticated, purely psychological horror than the image of a demon in the flesh of a child. The very idea that a child can be a fiend of hell seems blasphemous and scary, despite the fact that some parents will only meet it with understanding.


The magic of films like the original Omen is that whether you are a believer or an atheist, the power of cinema will make you fully engage in what is happening and take it seriously. Now the audience is no longer so sensitive, but at the premiere of this horror several people in the hall had a heart attack. An important part of the film is the dark music of Jerry Goldsmith, who won the Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack . In the wake of success, The Omen quickly grew to a tetralogy, but with a renewed lineup.


Like the original, The Omen 2006 was released on wide screens on June 6th. The release year added another devilish six, which made the picture good PR. The film John Moore , which is very, very close to the original, does not amaze the imagination, but demonstrates that the copy, despite its secondary nature, can fully meet the spirit of the times and, at least, please stylistically. A kind of Easter egg and decoration of the new version is Mia Ferrow in the role of the devil's governess.

Sleepy Hollow ( Tim Burton vs. Fox )

Sleepy Hollow by the masters of gothic, horror and fantasy Tim Burton is an absolute masterpiece. Record holder for most beheadings, this film seems to be flawless. And the fact that he was filmed only based on the story of the American classic Washington Irving is only good for him. The combination of detective story, fantasy, dark scenery, decadence, cruelty, love, intrigue and irony, flavored with the signature style of the director-inventor, creates a unique cocktail. Its taste burns, but at the same time you want to enjoy it. Then the tandem Burton -Depp promised more than recently, but Christopher Walken, who did not even take a fee for his role, was demonically irresistible as always. The production designer of the gothic horror film Film Academy was not ignored, having awarded a well-deserved prize.

In a successful project from Fox Sleepy Hollow ( Sleepy Hollow ), an attractive girl helps the resurrected Ichabod Crane -policeman. Heroes discover conspiracy networks, encounter unclean forces and fight the horsemen of the Apocalypse. From Irving there are only names left, from Burton there are also few. But the show has successfully occupied its niche among mystical serials, having delighted the viewer for three seasons and received an extension for the fourth.


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Author: Jake Pinkman