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Ben Affleck may leave the DC Universe

Image Movie fans will definitely see Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League, but the fate of the actor in the franchise was in question. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros. is going to invite another actor to replace Affleck . Subsequently, in one of the future movie comics DC , this decision will be explained.

Officials from Warner Bros. have yet to confirm the information, and studio head Toby Emmerick says they intend to keep Affleck as long as possible. First, the actor left the director's chair for the soloist Batman , and was replaced by Matt Reeves, who ultimately decided to completely rewrite the blockbuster script, abandoning the text of Affleck and Jeff Jones. In addition, Ben recently dropped out of the Netflix Triple Border project for personal reasons.

Matt Reeves admitted to reporters that he has ambitious plans for Batman - the filmmaker wants to shoot an entire trilogy about the The Dark Knight . If the bosses of Warner Bros. agree with his vision, then most likely they are going to invite a younger actor to play the role of protector of Gotham.


The studio may create a second Batman - one played by Affleck will be involved in the sequel to Justice League , and the second will be chosen for his project by Reeves . However, this option is still unlikely. Of course, The Dark Knight is not the first time to change his appearance - the cult comic book character was played at different times by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and the same Affleck . And on the pages of graphic novels, Bruce Wayne passed on his superhero cloak to other people.

The Major can even follow the path suggested in the animated series "Batman of the Future", where the already aged Bruce Wayne was preparing his successor. Although now it is difficult to imagine that the main character of the Reeves trilogy about Batman will not be Wayne , but someone else.

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Author: Jake Pinkman