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Sony to unveil Wonder Woman

Image This year, Wonder Woman , one of the greatest comic book heroines, celebrates her 75th birthday. Thanks to her recent debut in the MCU DC , the Amazon princess is experiencing a new wave of popularity, which the leadership of the studio Sony hastened to take advantage of. As reported by Deadline , the Hollywood major has decided to support Topple Productions and Boxspring Entertainment in the production of the film “ Professor Marston and Wonder Woman ", which tells about the life of the creator of the legendary warrior.

After graduating from Harvard University, William Moulton Marston studied systolic blood pressure, which helped him build one of the first analogues of the modern polygraph. During these studies, the scientist met his future wife Elizabeth , under whose influence he became interested in the ideas of feminism.

In 1940, William gave an interview to his former student, Olive Byrne , in which he stated that graphic novels have enormous educational potential. An article titled “ Don't Laugh at Comics ” caught the eye of publisher Max Gaines , who decided to bring in Marston as his consultant. In those years, characters like Batman , Superman and Green Lantern were popular with readers, but the scientist suggested placing a representative of the fair sex in the center of the plot of the next comic.


Wonder Woman debuted in the graphic novel All Star Comics # 8 in December 1941, and the following summer she received her own line of comics. Princess Diana helped DC Comics gain a huge army of fans, but many critics accused Marston of creating a heroine who has a detrimental effect on girls ... In their opinion, under the influence of feminist ideas of " Wonder Woman " many young American women ceased to be interested in the opposite sex and became lesbians. Every step of the scientist was under the close attention of journalists, and this forced him to keep secret the fact that he lived in a Swedish family with Elizabeth and Olive , which served as prototypes for

The biographical drama will be directed and written by Angela Robinson ( The L Word ). Luke Evans ("Dracula") will play the role of Marston in the film. Rebecca Hall ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona") will play the role of his official wife, and Bella Heathcote ("Dark Shadows") will play Olive Byrne .

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