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Red Sonja is ready to fight again

Image For more than ten years, Millennium Films has been trying to make a new film about Red Son, who is a kind of female counterpart to Conan the Barbarian. News about the character last broke in the spring of last year, when Brian Singer was rumored to be filming a series about the warrior. This information was never confirmed, and movie fans heard about the full-length film adaptation from Millennium Films and Nu Image in 2015.

According to Deadline, the success of Wonder Woman, which has already raised $ 822 million, has spurred Millennium executives to take action. The company announced that it is beginning to actively pursue a new film about Red Son, which could be the start of an entire franchise. The production functions of the project, as before, are entrusted to Avi Lerner ("The Expendables") and his colleague Joe Gattu ("Conan the Barbarian"), and the studio will be supported by Cinelou company represented by Mark Canton ("Escape Plan") and Courtney Solomon ( "Mr. Church"). The next stage of work will be the selection of a screenwriter for the film.

“We were waiting for the right moment for this remake, Lerner admitted. -After the success of Wonder Woman it became clear: the audience is interested in strong female characters ".


Roy Thomas created the ginger Sonja in the 70s for Marvel comics. Ten years later, the heroine hit the big screens thanks to the film of the same name by Richard Fleischer, in which Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger played the main roles. It is reported that the upcoming remake will present viewers with a completely different story with a fresh idea and new characters.

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