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The Croods are a thing of the past

Image Sad news for the fans of the cartoon " The Croods " was brought by the edition Variety . DreamWorks Animation has stopped working on the second part of the story about the adventures of cavemen.

In April of this year, the animation studio was acquired by the media conglomerate Comcast , which also owns the film company Universal . As a result of this deal, DreamWorks became accountable to the management of the Hollywood major. Three months ago, the authors of the animated hit "Lego. The Croods" were involved in the work on the script for the second part of the " The Croods " The film "Dan and Kevin Hagmen, but in the end the bosses of Universal decided to abandon the idea of creating a sequel.

Universal Pictures Chairman of the Board Donna Langley informed the staff of DremWorks about the sad fate of the project. As a result, three dozen animators were left without work, who have been working on the continuation of the story about the Croods family since September 2013. The management of Universal has already announced that the studio plans to use many of them in the creation of the fifth film in the Shrek franchise.


The original cartoon earned positive reviews from critics and earned $ 587 million worldwide with a budget of $ 135 million . Last year, the film by Kirk de Mikko and Chris Sanders received a television prequel - The Croods. The beginning ”( Dawn of the Croods ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman