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Spy games. Red Sparrow Trailer

Image Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence proved that she knows how to survive during the filming of the Hunger Games franchise. And three years after the release of the final part of the youth film series, the 27-year-old Hollywood star again teamed up with director Francis Lawrence to introduce the world to another heroine who has no equal. Only this time, Jennifer will face much more severe tests, and the stakes in these games will be much higher.

The main character of the film "Red Sparrow" is an officer of the USA intelligence service Dominika Yegorova, a graduate of a kind of school of "sparrows" who use their body and skills for virtuoso manipulation of people. Egorova is tasked with handling CIA agent Nathaniel Nash, but in the end, a romance begins between them, which not only turns into a security threat for both countries, but can also become the last task in the girl's life.

The plot of the picture is based on the novel by Jason Matthews, and the main roles, in addition to Jennifer Lawrence, are played by Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons and Matthias Shonarts.

Dubbed trailer

The USA release of "Red Sparrow" is scheduled for April 28th.

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