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Box office results: who did the USAns call?

Image Long before the release of the new, comedy version of the world hit "Ghostbusters", a real scandal erupted on the Web. Fans of the original reacted painfully to the trailer for the remake, and the audience unfamiliar with the cult film by Ivan Reitman was inclined to support them, because the promo materials did not promise anything good. A sea of criticism against the new generation of hunters, as well as not the most ingenious attempts by the creators to protect the tape from attacks, as expected, had an impact on the total fees when the fantastic comedy Paul Fig finally came out on the screens.

The results of the work of the brigade of hunters, led by constant colleague Fig Melissa McCarthy look extremely depressing. 168 million rubles. - an amount comparable only to the collection of the same disastrous picture "Pixels" ( 146 million rubles. ), as well as the previous joint work of Pauland Melissa - the detective comedy "Spy" ( RUB 163 million ). Definitely, the creators of the 144 million new " Hunters " wanted to reach much greater heights. Thanks to the worldwide box office, their film barely covered the production budget, but do not forget that no expensive project is complete without a powerful advertising campaign, the costs of which sometimes exceed the costs of the shooting itself.


USA distributors were also dissatisfied in this situation, expecting a much more impressive start from a well-known brand. High recognition of " Ghostbusters " among the mass audience, nostalgia for the attributes of this franchise, stars of the first magnitude like Chris Hemsworth in the lead roles and cameos of series veterans, including even the obstinate Bill Murray - all this is logical should have led to a rain of gold. Instead, the distributors got the worst weekend in 2016 and came to the conclusion that something is wrong with the film market, since even the most popular mainstream giants are performing sluggishly at the box office.

However, critics have found their own answer to the question "What went wrong?" Even the most loyal of them admitted the complete failure of the girlish hunting team.

ImageProfessionals agreed that the authors of the remake were clearly trying to give the film a special female charm, changing the sex of the main characters, but ruined a good idea by their own indifference to the project, too noticeable exploitation of the best moments of the original, the atmosphere of general clowning and stupid and sometimes even offensive jokes.

The second line in the top was retained by another hacky attempt of Hollywood to enrich itself at the expense of a once good idea. The fifth part of the " Ice Age ", even though it became ridiculous in everything, from the script to the selection of colors, earned another 76 million rubles. Despite the gradual but tangible decline in audience interest , 18 days on the screens of the country brought the cartoon Galena T. Chu and Mike Termeier 866.5 million rubles.

In terms of general statistics this year, this means that the picture entered the top ten highest-grossing hits, displacing Zach Snyder from the Dawn of Justice list. For the cartoon itself, a rather difficult period has come, when each week will bring less and less income, and the cherished billion-dollar milestone, which until recently seemed really achievable, will begin to become more and more illusory.

It looks quite distant for the new " Star Trek ", which did not distinguish itself with its premiere training camp, but now has completely slowed down. The next seven days brought to the treasury a fantastic action movie 65 million rubles. All in all, the film's account was Justin Lin 351.6 million rubles. These figures cannot be named impressive, and nevertheless " Infinity " became the most financially successful film in USA of all parts of the renewed franchise.


It is difficult to say whether this achievement was facilitated by the contribution of Simon Pegg, who supported the leadership of the studio Paramount in their quest to make the film"less startreck", expand the audience through genre diversity and take into account the wishes of both fans of the original series and the average viewer. Perhaps the success of " Infinity " on the territory of the post-Soviet space is also explained by the tragic death of the owner of USA roots, Anton Yelchin, who plays the role of Chekhov , which is widely covered in specialized publications. The latter, however, seems unlikely. Be that as it may, the film Lina is a solid fiction with an abundance of action scenes previously unusual for a franchise and pleasant Easter eggs, coupled with thoughtful acting.
ImageThe horror movie descended to fourth place “ And the lights go out ...", following in the footsteps of his fellow genre -" The Conjuring ". Last weekend, the USAs, who obviously did not have enough of the ghosts from “ Hunters ” and wanted to tickle their nerves, brought an additional 44 million rubles to the horror film sessions. Thus, the full-length debut David F. Sandberg generally boasts 202 million rubles. This is a very good result for a low-budget movie that manages to maintain competition at the box office with much more expensive tapes.

Well, those to whom this horror did not give enough thrills, looked into the neighboring halls, where the third part of the eerie thriller " Judgment Night " by James DeMonaco started. According to the journalists' reviews, artistically, the picture has become a faded copy of its own previous parts and acquired an unnecessary political touch. What made this franchise special, the wild thrash of the fringes and psychopaths, gave way to primitive attempts to give the film a poignant social overtones. And yet the third " Doomsday " was financially the most successful of all.

Do not be confused by the 26 million rubles earned by its creators. This amount only looks modest, but in fact promises the triquela to surpass both the past " Judgment Nights ", which eventually brought the companies Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures RUB 36.77 million and RUB 53.02 million , respectively. In any case, for the producers, including the notorious Michael Bay, the luck of " Doomsday 3 " will surely be a signal to continue churning out films of this series until movie fans get tired of it at all ... And the latter, judging by the vitality of such franchises as "Saw" and "Paranormal Activity", sometimes have colossal patience.

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