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Wong Kar-Wai talks about Gucci's murder

Image The renowned director and screenwriter Wong Kar-Wai has found an intriguing new project for himself. To date, the Chinese filmmaker's latest work is the biographical drama The Great Master, which was released in 2013. The film about the life of the legendary martial artist Ip Man won 12 awards at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards , and also received two Oscar ", In the categories" Best Cinematography "and" Best Costume Design ".

Over the past three years, Kar-Wai has been reluctant to share his future plans. Some time ago, the director expressed a desire to shoot a television series in his homeland, and now he is finally ripe for returning to the world of big cinema. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Wong will lead the film about one of the most famous members of the Gucci clan.

For several years Hollywood has been trying to shoot a film about the grandson of the founder of the famous Italian fashion house - Maurizio Gucci . Several years ago, Ridley Scott applied for the director's chair of the film, and Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio were eyeing the main roles. Annapurna Pictures studio management hopes that with the new helmsman on board, the project will safely go to work.


Maurizio Gucci took over his grandfather's company in 1983. His career as head of Gucci was extremely unfortunate. The corporation began to suffer huge losses, and in the early 90s it even almost had to declare itself bankrupt. Maurizio first resigned from the presidency of the fashion house, and then completely sold part of the family business.

He was shot dead on 23 September 1995 in Milan. The Italian carabinieri managed to establish that the businessman's killer was hired by his ex-wife Patricia Reggiani , who annually received from Gucci several hundred thousand dollars in alimony. At the moment, rumors circulate in Hollywood that Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad) is applying for the role of the black widow.


Over the years, Andrea Berloff (Voice of the Streets) and Charles Randolph (Falling Short) have worked on the plot of the film. Representatives of the film company Annapurna Pictures have not yet said whether Wong Kar-wai will use one of the previous versions of the text, or whether he intends to write his own script.

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