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Garfield is inspiring. Trailer of the film ”Breathe for Us”

Image Based on true events, Breathe for Us melodrama is the directorial debut of actor Andy Serkis, who is well known to audiences for his many CGI roles. The images of the main characters in his film were embodied by Andrew Garfield, who has already proved that he looks great in the role of men going against the fate of men, and Claire Foy ("Wolf Hall"). It is worth noting that the events described in the drama happened with the father of Andy Serkis's partner in the production company Imaginarium.

The plot of the tape revolves around Robin Cavendish - a life-loving, charming and adventurous Briton. When he was 28, he contracted polio and his entire body was paralyzed. By that time, Robin had already had a son, but his beloved and devoted wife, Diana, doctors advised to prepare for the worst. The couple decided not to give up and turned to the Oxford inventor for help to create a special wheelchair for Cavendish to help him breathe. After all, only with such an armchair they will be able to realize their grandiose plans - to go on a journey around the world in order to instill in people who are in a difficult situation, hope and faith in the best.

Well, in us, the audience, hope for a good movie is inspired by the trailer, which conveys not only the warmth and respect that the director has for his hero, but also an incredibly infectious optimistic outlook on life. And unlike other films about spiritually strong invalids, Serkis's creation is designed not for us to flood the cinemas with tears, but for the fact that at first glance we feel sympathy and admiration for these people.

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The breathtaking melodrama will premiere in our cinemas on November 30.

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