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Pupils of Eva Green and Khabensky are trapped: watch this week

Image The first week of October, USA moviegoers will spend in the company of Eva Green, Konstantin Khabensky, Pierce Brosnan and another group of teenagers who went into the forest to open a new chapter of the story about the Blair witch. Of all the upcoming premieres, of course, the most interesting is the new film by Tim Burton Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - the screen version of Ransom Riggs' novel of the same name about an orphanage for children with unusual and sometimes frightening abilities.

In the story, a boy named Jake (Asa Butterfield) finds himself in a shelter located on a remote island, where children with amazing abilities are gathered under one roof. Gradually plunging into their lives, he learns that these children have very powerful enemies, and only his own peculiarity can save the wards Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) .

Already with the release of the trailer, it became clear that we were waiting for a typically Burton movie, with its quirky stylistics reminiscent of his early works, such as "Edward Scissorhands" and "Beetlejuice". However, Home for Peculiar Children is not only a treat for the eyes, but also a touching look at the themes of aging, loneliness, family and trauma. The reviews of the first critics were not without negative (in particular, many complain that only heroes are strange in this project, and the plot is bored), but in general, the reaction of the American public to the new creation of the outstanding director can be called positive.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
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In addition, House of Strange Children will certainly interest fans of the acting talent of Eva Green , who more than organically blended into the image of a teacher of special children, as if specially created for the cinematic universe Tim Burton . In general, we can say that the leader of the rental and against the background of its neighbors in terms of release date looks special and deserves the attention of various viewers.


The coming week will delight fans of USA cinema with two projects at once - the drama "Collector" and the comedy "Take a hit, baby" . The creators of the first claim that their picture is the first full-length monofilm in USA cinema: during the entire time we see only Konstantin Khabensky on the screen. He plays the role of a bank collector working with large debtors, who got one of his clients so bad that he decided to take revenge on him. Alexei Krasovsky's tape has already appeared this year on Kinotavr , having received two awards (in the nominations "Best Actor" and "Best Cinematography"), as well as at the festival in Karlovy Vary.


"Take a hit, baby" is a sitcom, the main characters of which, the twin sisters Sveta and Tanya , are complete opposites of each other. The first is a beauty and fifa, the second has long forgotten about heels and dreams of only one thing - to get into the USA national boxing team. On the eve of an important fight, Tanya injures her hand and asks her sister to replace her in the gym. Ara Hovhannisyan's film features the star of the Fizruk TV series Daniil Vakhrushev and the legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. The trailer for the comedy looks quite promising against the background of the latest box-office hits of the domestic film industry. Will the film meet the expectations placed on it (especially if you remove from it Vakhrushev, Roy Jones and the song of the group Casta ) and will it compete with "Collector" , we will find out when the fees will be calculated and the first reviews will be released.

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Two American comedies, Another Bachelor Party and Property with a Tail , will also start at our box office next week. "Bachelor Party" tells the story of an inveterate bachelor-seducer, whose best friend, a female lover, suddenly decided to tie the knot. The only chance to return him to the path of common sense is to throw such a bachelor party for him so that the renegade regretted his intention and realized what he would lose by allowing him to put a wedding ring on his finger.

Duplicate trailer

Property with a tail also does not shine with the originality of the plot: a married couple during the divorce proceedings cannot decide which of them will get the dog. A pet named Wesley will have to go through many difficulties, including psychological problems and abduction, before his "mom" and "dad" agree on custody. The finale of the film, in which Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten got the main roles, can be predicted already from her simple trailer, so if it's worth going to Property with a Tail in the movie, it's clearly not for the sake of the plot.

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Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan will try to lure audiences into theaters with an intriguing story of new sensations. The thriller Impulse tells the story of a fashionable party where things went wrong after the mysterious owner of the club offered his guests a new designer drug. The heroes plunge into the world of their wildest fantasies, not noticing that the real world is getting further and further from them. The first critics took the tape coolly: according to them, this is an absolutely tasteless, inconsistent and absurd movie with cardboard characters and a dull plot - a leading candidate for the worst films of 2016.

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Overseas reviewers and horror Blair Witch: A New Chapter were greeted with little enthusiasm, even though it was directed by genre connoisseur Adam Wingard (“You're done!”, “The ABC of Death”). The plot of the picture revolves around a young man who went in search of his sister, taking friends. He thought he would find her in the infamous Black Hills forest, but instead of the missing girl, the company came across horrors that were impossible to imagine. Although no, it seems that these horrors are familiar to everyone who saw the original "Blair Witch": the new film is not the highest quality and at the same time belated "rehash" of the 1999 horror with the inevitable shaking camera and stupid cutting circles in the night forest.

Dubbed trailer

The growing generation of moviegoers in the coming week can be reduced to the cartoon The Frog Princess , the plot of which is focused on sports competitions in the frog kingdom. The winner is promised a paw and a heart of a green pimpled princess as a prize, but the main character of the animation project has completely different plans for her fate.


Also in the domestic box office October 6 will open the Spanish romantic comedy Our Lovers and the Italian thriller Snow . The first film tells the story of a spontaneous romance between a depressed screenwriter and a visitor to a book bar, the second - about a middle-aged Neapolitan traveling in the company of a mulatto woman abandoned on the sidelines and pursued by criminals.

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