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Syfy will send a stranger to a foreign country

Image The channel Syfy over the past years has been constantly delighting fans of science fiction with new projects, and now the television network is ready to launch a series based on the cult novel Robert E. Heinlein Stranger in a foreign country " . According to The Hollywood Reporter , Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions will help bring the piece to the small screens of Syfy .

Heinlein's novel was published in 1961 and was subsequently awarded the prestigious Hugo Literary Prize. It is about Valentine Michael Smith - a man who was born and raised on Mars, but eventually returned to Earth, where he became something like the Messiah. And although Stranger in a Strange Land received mixed reviews after its publication, Heinlein foresaw many trends in the development of the then society - from free love and hippies to organized efforts to achieve world peace.

“This story is eternal and more than ever resonates with what is happening in the world now. As a fan of the original, I look forward to the moment when the book gets a second life on TV, ”said Bonnie Hammer, President of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment in a statement.


The Syfy channel also plans to work on a television remake of The Machine and an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World .

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Author: Jake Pinkman