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The creators of ”Baryg” will return to Colombia

Image American streaming giant Netflix entered the international market just seven years ago, but has already managed to expand its broadcasting area to almost 200 countries. Latin America played a key role in the success of the online service's global expansion plan, bringing it millions of new subscribers and dozens of partners. Particularly successful has been Netflix's collaboration with Colombian company Dynamo on the great crime series Husky.

After the biographical drama about the confrontation between DEA agents with the legendary Pablo Escobar and the leaders of the Cali cartel received rave reviews in the press and became one of the main world hits of Netflix, the management of the online service decided to launch another series about Colombia. According to Deadline, the streaming giant and studio Dynamo are embarking on an as-yet unnamed eight-episode thriller starring a young law enforcement officer and her faithful partner. Servants of the law will travel to the Amazon jungle to investigate a series of mysterious murders on the Brazil-Colombian border. Things will take an unexpected turn when the police meet local natives who are ready to take extreme measures to keep the terrible secret of their tribe ...

The miniseries was invented by Carlos Contreras (El Chapo) and produced by director and screenwriter Ciro Guerra, whose drama Embrace the Serpent last year represented Colombia at the 88th Academy Awards.


The eight-episode thriller is expected to begin filming next summer and premiere on Netflix in 2019.

The Topic of Article: The creators of ”Baryg” will return to Colombia.
Author: Jake Pinkman