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US Boxing Office: McQueen is still in action

Image Despite the fact that the box office receipts of the Cars franchise began to decline, the third part of the film series has already managed to knock out the first place in the US box office. However, the focus of attention over the weekend was still not Lightning McQueen , but Wonder Woman with her miracle collection and a biographical drama about Tupac Shakura, which significantly surpassed all financial waiting.

Cars 3 finished their first weekend with a sum of $ 53.5 million . This is 19% less than the achievement of the second part on its debut weekend, but now the studio Pixar can boast that 16 out of 18 of its 18 cartoons, released in wide distribution, became leaders in the financial rating. The joy of the producers is spoiled by the fact that according to the starting indicators the triquel is one of the worst creations of Pixar (taking into account inflation, only the "Good Dinosaur" earned less in the first week).


It is worth noting that the Cars franchise has long gone beyond movie theaters and brings Disney good profits in other areas, while cartoons continue to keep young viewers interested and attract new ones. The audience, by the way, liked what they saw on the screens. The third part received a high " A " score from cinema goers, supporting the trend set by the rest of the Pixar films. Critics note the warmth with which Cars 3 was created. The cartoon is presented to the professional community as a worthy completion for the franchise. As in the rest of the brainchildren of Pixar , the visual component is wonderful here, but the script sometimes falls short of its quality.

As for foreign viewers, they took the third Cars $ 21.3 million to the piggy bank, but this is not the limit - the animation film still has to conquer many world film markets.


Wonder Woman , although it lost leadership in the North American box office, can boast that compared to last weekend, it lost only 30% of its audience. As a result, $ 40.8 million was added to the blockbuster asset. It's safe to say that Patty Jenkins demonstrates one of the best achievements of the third week in the entire superhero genre. The Amazon princess is doing just fine outside of her native cinemas - in other countries the film grossed $ 297.2 million , and now he has $ 571.8 million on his account at the world box office. In the near future, Wonder Woman will be able to bypass the musical "Mamma MIA!" with its $ 609.8 million and will take first place in the financial rating of films directed by women directors.


On the third position of the top-5 is one of the newcomers of the week, the biographical drama " Tupac Shakur ". The painting Benny Boom was released on the day the legendary rapper would have turned 46 years old. Despite the negative from critics, the film managed to surpass all expectations, earning $ 27.1 million .

The reviewers were not very supportive of the biopic - it turned out to be quite atmospheric, but it lacked drama. Some critics considered the tape even too dry, although the director was able to show how much fame, music and controversy the short life of Tupac contained. Jada Pinkett Smith, who was friends with the rapper, agrees with the negative reviews. According to the actress, her relationship with the musician in the film is not shown truthfully enough. However, viewers do not find fault with such trifles - they gave the drama a high rating " A- ".


The Mummy ” has dropped to the fourth line of the financial rating - the blockbuster with Tom Cruise is losing its already precarious position in the US box office. So, over the past weekend, the box office of the film was replenished by only $ 13.9 million , and the total amount of $ 56.5 million with a $ 125 -million budget - not a reason for joy. However, moviegoers overseas appreciated the new version of the story of the cursed mummy, and thanks to their $ 239.1 million , the film has practically recouped all the costs of its production.


Closing the top 5 is the film " The Blue Abyss ", which managed to surprise many over the weekend. The thriller started at the box office with a mark of $ 11.5 million , despite the fact that its creators did not hope for more than $ 10 million . Johannes Roberts turned out to be a solid summer horror movie, in which there is an atmosphere of despair, the right degree of tension and an unexpected plot twist. As a result, viewers preferred to watch the attempts of Mandy Moore and Claire Holt to escape from the sharks, and not how Scarlett Johansson hides the corpse of a stripper.

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