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China Shows Battle of Midway

Image Thanks to the rapid development of the Chinese film market, the leading studios in the Middle Kingdom can provide their films with the same solid budgets as the Hollywood majors. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it was the Beijing company Bona Film Group that made the loudest deal at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival taking place these days. According to Deadline , the Chinese studio has decided to invest $ 80 million in the creation of the war drama " Midway .

The film will tell viewers about the famous Battle of Midway, which played a key role in the US victory in the Pacific theater of World War II. After the successful attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese command began planning an attack on another American base. In May 1942, US intelligence intercepted a message that the main attack would be on Midway Atoll.

The Americans began to urgently transfer their aircraft carriers to the site of the alleged attack. The main enemy forces approached Midway in early June. Although the Japanese had a solid numerical advantage, the US Navy gained the initiative in the battle due to the surprise effect. Fierce battles at sea and in the air took place from 4 to 7 June. During this time, the Americans managed to sink four Japanese aircraft carriers and destroy almost 250 enemy aircraft.


The script for a film about one of the greatest battles of the war in the Pacific was written by the author and screenwriter of the science fiction series "The Colony" Wes Tookie . The post of director of " Midway " has been assigned since last year to Roland Emmerich ("The Patriot", "The Day After Tomorrow").

Fans of cinema should pay special attention to the war drama, because the fate of the reboot of the Stargate franchise largely depends on its success. Emmerich planned to begin making a new film in the Stargate universe immediately after the filming of last year's blockbuster "Independence Day: Rebirth" was completed. To the disappointment of Roland , the sequel to the 1996 hit did not catch on with critics and performed poorly at the box office. Soon, Emmerich announced that he had decided to suspend work on the new " Stargate ". According to rumors, the director had problems with financing the film. Midway 's successful box office performance can help Roland

The Bona Film Group will be supported by renowned American producer Mark Gordon ("Saving Private Ryan") on the Battle of Midway film.

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