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From a hunter to a sacrifice

Image Recently, the world of cinema has begun to pay attention not only to stories about American superheroes, but also to comics by French authors. Next summer Luc Besson will present to the public the sci-fi blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, based on the works of Pierre Cristin and Jean-Claude Maiziere. According to Variety , another famous comic book by the Parisian publisher Dargaud will soon be screened. Thunder Road Productions , Entertainment 360 and Nickel City Pictures have decided to join forces to work on a film adaptation of the graphic novel Naja .

The main character of Jean-David Morvan's story is a hired killer who is incapable of feeling pain and experiencing any emotions. The ability to approach any mission with a sober mind and a cold heart allowed her to become one of the most valuable assets of the mysterious Zero criminal syndicate. A girl's life turns upside down when she herself falls into the sight of a first-class killer ...

A triumvirate of Hollywood studios hopes to create a dizzying action thriller in the spirit of films such as "Unknown", "RED" and "Salt".


The comic will be adapted for the big screen by J.P. Davis ("Fight Tommy Riley"), and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan ("Snow White and the Huntsman 2") will sit in the director's chair.

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