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Antonio Banderas will create a fashion empire

Image In the middle of last month, we announced that Annapurna Pictures and Chinese director Wong Kar-wai intend to tell the life story of the heir to the Gucci empire. According to Variety , another biographical drama about the world of haute couture will soon await viewers.

At the International Film Festival in Marrakech, Danish director Bille August announced that he will begin filming the English-language biopic Gianni Versace next spring. In his student years, the Italian was fond of architecture, but in the end he decided to become a fashion designer. In the early 70s, Gianni traveled to Milan hoping to conquer the world of haute couture. Within a few years, the talented designer created his own clothing collection, thanks to which the Versace brand became famous all over the world.

The life of Gianni Versace ended tragically on July 15, 1997. The founder of the famous fashion house was shot and killed by serial killer Andrew Kyunanen on the doorstep of his Miami Beach estate.


According to August , the film is being made with the full support of the heirs of Versace . The director himself calls his project a family saga, which will tell about the flourishing of the empire of Gianni and his relationship with family and friends.

Antonio Banderas will play the role of the world famous fashion designer. The actor will also take over the production functions and help the Italian studio Oberon Productions secure funding for the biopic. The Hollywood heartthrob has already had to work under the leadership of August : in 1993, he starred with the Dane in the film "House of Spirits".


Bille Augusta will face serious competition from the popular American Crime Story television anthology, which will cover the murder of Versace in its third season.

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Author: Jake Pinkman