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Starcon 2017 invites to exclusive screenings

Image For three whole days - from 28 to 30 July - St. Petersburg will turn into a real mecca for fans of science fiction, movie fans and adherents of science. The 18th annual international festival "Starcon - 2017" will be held at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center. The pre-premiere screenings of the films "Baby on a Drive" and "Terminator: Judgment Day in 3D" will take place at the convention especially for moviegoers. 2,000 cosplay lovers from all over the country will demonstrate their ability to copy the attire, attributes and behavior of popular heroes in a thematic competition. Famous science fiction writers will meet with the guests, and science adherents will be able to attend lectures by world scientists and an exhibition of the latest achievements in this field.

At the 18th annual international festival of science fiction, cinema and science "Starcon" guests will see a new film directed by Edgar Wright ("A Zombie named Sean", "Armageddian"). Action movie "Baby on a Drive" will tell about a talented young driver who works for a crime boss. One day a young man meets a girl and does not want to risk it anymore. However, such valuable people are not just let go ... The tape has a truly impressive cast: Kevin Spacey, John Hamm, Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jamie Foxx and John Bernthal. Western critics unanimously gave the film the highest ratings, many even recognize it as the best creation of Wright . In the domestic box office "Baby on a Drive" will open only on August 24, so guests of the "Starcon - 2017" festival will become the first spectators,

Edgar Wright's Starcon Invitation

In addition, a quarter of a century after its triumphant march around the world, Terminator: Judgment Day will again be on the screens of cinemas. James Cameron's legendary movie about a robot from the future that protects an ordinary teenager with hacking skills and a paranoid mom will be presented in 3D. Moreover, visual effects specialists, under the strict guidance of Cameron himself, have remastered the tape, making it even more colorful and impressive. Terminator: Judgment Day in 3D will be released at the end of August, so visitors to Starkon will have a unique opportunity to see their favorite movie in a new quality almost a month before the rest.

But the world of cinema will be presented not only by Western projects at Starkon. Screenwriter and producer Alexei Petrukhin will present his new film The Secret of the Dragon's Seal: A Journey to China. At the meeting, everyone will be shown footage from the future tape, action scenes and backstage with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, who got roles in the USA blockbuster.


Also, for the first time in the 18-year history of Starkon, the festival will host a short film competition. On July 29, viewers will be shown all the tapes of the program.

The hosts of the Starcon 2017 festival will be USA sports commentator Viktor Gusev and TV presenter, actor Sergei Druzhko.

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Author: Jake Pinkman