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The absurd four. The Defenders Trailer

Image More than a year has passed since the day when the studio Enjoy Movies released a teaser for the first domestic superhero action movie " Defenders ". That video divided the audience into two camps - those who are traditionally skeptical of the USA film industry, and others who, being intrigued, prepared to wait for at least a full-fledged trailer before giving up on the new brainchild of Sarik Andreasyan .

The plot of the film, like most stories from graphic novels, is simple and unpretentious.In difficult times for the country, several former superheroes who have gone into the shadows unite in order to protect their homeland. These include the rocky manager Ler (Sebastian Sisak), the wind man Khan (Sanzhar Madiev), the invisible woman Ksenia (Alina Lanina ) and capable of transforming his upper body into a bearish Arsus (Anton Pampushny). All of them are called upon to resist some terrible and powerful force, which even the army cannot cope with ...

As it turned out, waiting for the trailer was wasted - it does not attract the strengths of the future picture and does not explain why we should wait for it. But its creators do not lag behind the trends of their time: based on what they saw, we can say that their action movie will turn out to be very gloomy and pretentious. True, the impression is immediately blurred by the declared rating of "6+", so that the whole seriousness becomes very tense. There are also several absurd moments in the video, the main of which is a bear guy with a machine gun at the ready, a sort of Hulk or Creature of local style.


In addition, the " Defenders " are not distinguished by the originality of the story or even the least consistent conflict, and the characters in them look flat. It is too early to give the film a verdict, but so far it does not boggle the imagination, which is especially critical in the era of mass dominance of movie comics. Even if even the best of them suffer from a flurry of criticism and demonstrate their helplessness in forming a concept, then the USA Avengers, who are ten years behind the whole world, will even more face increased bias.

Also, do not forget that more and more authoritative persons speak negatively about adaptations of graphic novels, thereby creating not the most favorable information background. Steven Spielberg and John McTiernan's movie comic strip predicting a quick death is gaining more supporters, and in this context, Andreasyan 's film stingy with special effects and graphics looks very weak.


However, moviegoers have the opportunity until February 23 next year to decide for themselves whether they should support the ambitious undertaking of Sarik to transfer a purely American art form to our soil. This will help the trailer, where the positioning itself as a human-wind Khan for some reason prefers to chop up enemies with the help of cold weapons, and a mighty Siberian with a name atypical for a Slav Arsus defeats enemies with the power of a roar ...

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Author: Jake Pinkman