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Spider-Man may leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Image Just yesterday, a new trailer for the Spider-Man solo album was presented to the fans of the superhero theme, and today an alarming rumor has circulated in Hollywood that the return of the young superhero home may be short-lived. At CinemaCon , producer Amy Pascal hinted to CosmicBookNews that Sony may soon end its partnership with Marvel and regain full control of Peter Parker .

At one time, the publishing house Marvel Comics was going through difficult times and was forced to sell the rights to a number of heroes of their comics. In the past decade, the owners of Marvel have begun building their own MCU, which in just a few years has become the highest grossing franchise in history. Since then, the management of the corporation has managed to return many of its popular characters to their native land.

Spider-Man is copyrighted by Sony , which made five films about the adventures of the New York superhero between 2002 and 2014. The last of these, The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage, failed to meet the financial expectations of the studio bosses, and they decided to strike a deal with Marvel .


Peter Parker made his debut in the Marvel universe last year in the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. A few months ago, actor Tom Holland admitted that he had signed a contract for six films. At the same time, he stressed that three of them are soloists. It seemed that Spidey came to the Marvel cinematic universe for a long time, but now there are reasons to believe that Sony may return full rights to the superhero as early as 2019 year.

Sony , Disney and Marvel have entered into an unprecedented deal to allow Spider-Man to join Marvel universe, - noted Pascal . -In the modern film business, it is quite rare that several studios decide to work together. After filming for the sequel “ Homecoming ”, this may not happen again”.


As a reminder, Sony and Marvel have already set the date for the premiere of the second solo album of Spider-Man for July 2019. The words Pascal make it clear that this film is in danger of becoming the last joint project of Hollywood majors.

If Sony is determined to take back control of the superhero, Peter Parker 's involvement with the MCU Marvel could be limited to just five films. They will be two solo films, The First Avenger: Civil War and probably the third and fourth installments of The Avengers.


There will be one more solo album in the Holland contract, which can be filmed without the participation of Marvel studio. It is possible that the leadership of Sony is thinking about the return of all rights to Spidey in connection with the beginning of the construction of its own cinematic universe, which will start with the film "Venom". Recently it also became known that the Hollywood major decided to start production of a picture about the team of fighting friends Spider-Man . Comic book fans took this information with a fair amount of skepticism, as Sony did not specify whether its contract with Marvel would allow the young superhero to be used in these films. The existence of a Spider-Man universe without Peter Parker himself

It's worth noting that the Sony management has not yet commented on the words Pascal . Representatives of Marvel are in no hurry to clarify the situation. It's hard to imagine that the creators of a successful MCU put so much effort into a joint custody deal for Spider-Man just to use him in just five films. It is possible that Marvel was looking forward to a contract renewal, but Sony decided to transfer Holland into its own superhero franchise.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will premiere on July 6th .

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