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Official: Ralph will receive a sequel

Image For the first time about the upcoming sequel to the animated film " Ralph " last year, actor John C. Riley mentioned, but until today, studio Disney has not confirmed the start of work on the second part. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the sequel to "Ralph" has now received major approval. The release of the picture is scheduled for March 9, 2018 .

Recall that in the 2012 cartoon, John C. Riley voiced Ralph - an arcade video game villain who at one point decided to change and retrain into a good guy.

Riley and actress Sarah Silverman, who gave the voice to the witty Vanillope von Kex , will return to work on the sequel. The script is being written by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, who worked together on the first part and the recent successful Zootopia. They will later become the directors of the project.


And although there is no information about the plot or characters of the sequel, in his interview with Rich Moore he admitted that Ralph in the new film will blow up the Internet, as his game will go to conquer virtual reality.

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Author: Jake Pinkman