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Viewers did not let Nolan save the USAn box office

Image The USA box office is going through hard times. Despite the fact that the first picture of the summer, which is neither a sequel nor part of any franchise, finally broke into the top ratings, it failed to improve the situation. This weekend was one of the worst this year: the total box office of the USA film distribution was lower only at the end of April.

The first place in the financial rating, as expected, took the new film by Christopher Nolan - the war drama " Dunkirk ". This time the director decided to move away from his favorite topics, and if before he shot films only according to the original scripts, was engaged in remakes and screen adaptations of comics and novels, now he has created a picture based on real historical events. A large-scale tape about the rescue of three hundred thousand soldiers during the Dunkirk operation at the beginning of World War II earned 145 million rubles for the premiere weekend, alas, not justifying the preliminary forecasts of film distributors.


At one time, the war drama by David Eyre "Fury" with Brad Pitt in the title role ( 157 million rubles. ) and such USA films as "The Battle of Sevastopol" ( 209 million rubles. b>) and "Battalion" ( 155 million rubles. ), started at the box office much better. The premiere box office is a rather weak result for the films of Nolan himself. The last film by the British director "Interstellar", which was released three years ago, then earned at the start 385 million rubles. And the picture "Inception" about a talented thief introducing an idea into the consciousness of a sleeping person, in 2010 collected for the first weekend RUB 216 million


The fantastic action movie " Planet of the Apes: War " has dropped to the second line of the rating. The culmination of the great confrontation between humans and genetically modified monkeys, led by the formidable Caesar performed by Andy Serkis and the latest computer technology, earned 118 million rubles in the second week of rental. 5 times less than debut week fees. At the moment, the tape has collected 534 million rubles. , having bypassed the first part of the franchise at the box office. In 2011, USA viewers emptied their wallets in favor of Rise of the Planet of the Apes for a total of 339 million rubles. But the sequel will not be so easy to catch up, although it is possible given the absence of serious competitors ... Three years ago, by the end of the rental, the second part of the film series was in the piggy bank

The third place is firmly established by the animated film " Despicable Me 3 ". The creators of the franchise have found a successful recipe that consistently attracts viewers to cinemas, and are trying not to back down from it. A former villain who has become an exemplary family man and a father with many children, a fatal beauty trying to cope with a new role, funny minions, eager to do villainy and staging an uprising, who unexpectedly appeared, as in the best traditions of Indian cinema, an unlucky twin brother. And, of course, another villain, an embittered loser actor, obsessed with the 80s and committing robberies, dancing to the hit Michael Jackson.

The story has already lost some freshness and originality, but this did not prevent it from collecting by now 1.366 billion rubles , adding over the last weekend to the piggy bank another 67 million rubles. In the top five the animation project of the studio Illumination Entertainment has been running for the fourth week. "Ugly Me 3" not only earned more than its predecessor, who collected in 2013 for the entire time 1.16 billion rubles. , but also reached the second line in the list of highest grossing cartoons of the USA distribution this year. The triumphant of this rating is the "Boss-Baby Sucker" with an amount of 1.526 billion rubles.


If Gru with the minions occupied the third place last week, then Peter Parker had to move from second to fourth. Another reboot of the story about the emergence of a superhero " Spider-Man: Homecoming " for the third weekend added 56 million rubles to its asset. A painting with Tom Holland as a young and inexperienced Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr. in the image of the hardened Tony Stark , who became the mentor of the protagonist, she received high marks from both viewers and critics. At the moment, the total box office of the film is 900 million rubles. , which is already much higher than the final collection of the last film adaptation of comics with Andrew Garfield, which amounted to 718 million rubles.


Closing the top five is another novelty of this week, the American horror " Amityville Horror: Awakening ". The tragedy that took place in the town of Amityville in the mid-70s has long haunted filmmakers. "A New Beginning", as the reboot of the franchise was positioned within the advertising campaign, came out 12 years after the last attempt to tell the well-known story, the Amityville Horror tapes with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. She, in turn, was also a remake of the cult film of the same name, filmed by Stuart Rosenberg in 1979.

The new version of the movie about supernatural phenomena that haunt the inhabitants of the mysterious house was directed by director Frank Halfun, and among the leading actors are Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan and Jennifer Jason Lee. During the premiere weekend, the horror film managed to scare the audience in the amount of 34 million rubles. , which significantly exceeds not only the premiere, but also the total collection of the latest Amityville horrors in 27 million rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman