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Image In recent years, the charming Eva Longoria not only pleases the audience with new acting works, but is also actively involved in producing film and television projects. The Golden Globe nominee has already achieved impressive results in a new field: with her participation the action franchise "John Wick" was launched and the popular TV series "Insidious Maids" was created.

As reported by Deadline , Longoria has found a new production project for itself. Her company UnbeliEVAble Entertainment will join forces with MACRO on an English-language remake of the Chilean comedy Sin Filtro . Nicholas Lopez's original film premiered last year. The comedy became a real hit at home and managed to reach second place in the list of the highest grossing films in the history of Chilean cinema.

The main character of the story is a woman named Pia , who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The boss constantly makes her ridiculed, her husband has long ceased to show signs of attention, and the adopted son does not show a single gram of respect. To top it all off, the woman begins to suffer from severe chest pains. Having tried all the methods of modern medicine, Pia decides to seek help from a Chinese acupuncture specialist. The acupuncturist discovers that her pain is psychosomatic in nature and is caused by repressed negative emotions. The very first session of acupuncture gives an amazing result: Pia completely loses her inner censor and begins to express to others everything that she thinks about them ...


The production team for the American version of Sin Filtro will include Eva Longoria , Nicholas Lopez and MACRO Studio Head Charles King (“Fences "). Filming for the remake is scheduled to begin next year.

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