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USAn box office: suicides took their feet away from pets

Image Over the past weekend, the picture showing the overall box office box office has been slightly darkened by the dwindling audience interest in the " Suicide Squad " comic strip. Last weekend, he was responsible for the lion's share of the profits of USA distributors, this time they were actively helped by cartoon "Pets". Thus, the top twenty highest-grossing films earned 671 million rubles .

Although the painted dogs and cats breathed suicide in the back, the latter did not yield the honorary pedestal. Over the past seven days, the USAs have replenished the account of the David Eyre project by 264.5 million rubles . It is not surprising that the " Detachment " reached the amount of 1.287 billion rubles without any problems. and became the ninth billionaire in 2016. For comparison, in 2015 there were only eleven such lucky ones in the CIS box office, which clearly indicates that, at least financially, this year is much better than the previous one.


There are some records in the personal standings of the film from the company Warner Bros. - the decrease in demand for it from movie fans is much less than it was in the case of Deadpool, Dawn of Justice, the First Avenger triquel. "Or the latest" X-Men ". All of these projects quickly lost their relevance. Meanwhile, the survivability of the gang of villains on the screens can be envied: in terms of the stability of behavior in the box office, the superhero action movie is not inferior to such hits as Zootopia and The Jungle Book. So the resonance caused by the heated discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the film, as well as the virtual wars of its supporters and opponents played into the hands of the adaptation of the graphic novel DC Comics both in USA and abroad.

ImageBut take responsibility for the forecast - Harley Quinn, Joker , Deadshot and other villains do not have much time to be infinite in leadership positions. From the first place, they are ready to overthrow the sweet four-legged pets, who set off on a dizzying journey through the bustling streets of New York. The animation film "The Secret Life of Pets " from the studio Illumination Entertainment , which gave us the "Despicable Me" and "Lorax", raised 202 million rubles. , and this despite the fact that so far it was presented only in a preview format. Of course, Western critics have praised this stunning family film by the directors.
Shown in only 847 cinemas and only for two days, the tape earned twice as much Zootopia ( 107 million rubles. ) and three times more than Puzzle ( 68 million rubles . ). Both of these cartoons also received previews prior to their official premiere. Such success of " Secret Life " is due to the fact that it is a touching, light and good-quality summer story, although it is not a masterpiece like people from the Pixar studio. Most likely, in the coming weekend, " Pets ", which will receive even more copies for display, will snatch the palm from the hands of criminals Belle Reeve , because other soulful animation projects for children in August will be gone, and young viewers, in turn,
They might have noticed another worthy project - the fantasy adventure " Pete and His Dragon ". At the start, the film David Lowry grossed 102 million rubles. , which, unfortunately, is less than that of "The Big and Kind Giant" and "Pen" (both by 132 million rubles. ). These tapes are considered a financial failure, which means that a remake of the classic Disney fairy tale "Pete's Dragon" is in danger.


This is a very sad fact, because rarely on our screens there is such a kind, sad and heartbreaking film. In terms of subject matter and philosophical message, the reviewers managed to compare it with Steven Spielberg's “Alien” and Brad Bird's “Steel Giant”. Despite the warm reviews, the picture will definitely lose in the future to the " The Secret Life of Pets ", because its lamp-like and soulfulness is more designed for a narrow circle of teenagers or even for nostalgic adults. Some critics have called " Pete " an indie drama for children, and representatives of this genre almost never hit the jackpot in their shows, which does not detract from their artistic value.

ImageWith a large margin from the top three, the fourth line is occupied by those who did not meet their expectations the creators of the horror film " Diggers " of domestic production. The full-fledged directorial debut of Tikhon Kornev did not frighten the USAs too much, and they eventually forked out only 24 million rubles. Comparing with competitors in the niche, it can be seen that the horror film gave way to the film "Route built "( 31.4 million rubles. ) and almost three times lost to the thriller" The Queen of Spades: Black Rite "( 65.1 million rubles. ). However, a similar amount at the start was collected by "Judgment Night 3" ( 26.3 million rubles ).
However, if you believe the reviews about this tape, no continuation is needed. Not only did the " Diggers " fail to surprise with anything new, they also distorted the principles of the genre, without creating tension, without building an intrigue, and generally without frightening anyone. The horror story suffered from a cardboard script, ragged editing, squeaky soundtrack, and chaotic filming. Moreover, the advertising campaign was not very inventive, which is why the film managed to lure so few fans to tickle their nerves.

Even worse, this task was given to the strong, but non-dynamic and often slipping into a banal listing of facts, the crime thriller " Undercover Scam ". However, according to the estimates of distributors, this story based on real events performed better than expected. The drama Brad Furman received 22 million rubles. , reaching one level with such films as "Speed: Bus 657" ( 24.3 million rubles ), "High-rise" ( 24 million rubles. ) and "Three nines" ( 19.7 million rubles. ).


The success of the tape is seen as the merit of the incredible Brian Crantson, who managed to play on contrasts and show two completely different types within one plot. The actor puts out the traditionally powerful acting, but his colleagues on the set - Amy Ryan, John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger - are not far behind. But with all the advantages, the tape about the disclosure of the drug money laundering scheme loses to similar, but more ingeniously presented stories. Although it is difficult to scold " Scam " with its exemplary script and white-hot atmosphere. And yet, we are unlikely to see a biopic in the top five next week - all fans of Cranston , the local trump card, probably already appreciated it.

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