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Team Taboo will take on Old Man Scrooge

Image Just a week ago, The Man Who Invented Christmas opened at the North American box office, which tells the story of the creation of Charles Dickens' famous A Christmas Carol. It has been adapted many times for the stage, for large and small screens, and now his version of the classic story will be presented to the audience by Stephen Knight, the creator of such popular series as Peaky Blinders and Taboo.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the BBC has invited Knight to adapt a number of Dickens's works, with "A Christmas Carol" coming first. A three-part film adaptation is due out in 2019. Knight will be assisted by his longtime collaborator Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott's Scott Free London company. It is known that Hardy will become one of the producers of the project, and his involvement in the work on the series as an actor remains in question. Tom is currently filming the blockbuster Venom and has plans for a second season of Taboo.

Stephen Knight has repeatedly said in his interviews that he is a fan of Dickens's work. Charlotte Moore, head of BBC Content, even called Knight a genius and warned that viewers should prepare for a completely original and fantastic version of British classics.


It is noteworthy that in the past few years, interest in the "Christmas Song" has been high. Ice Cube and Tom Stoppard were going to present their own interpretations of this story, and Myriad Pictures was preparing a female version of the tale of the miser Scrooge. However, in the end, not a single project was implemented.

The Topic of Article: Team Taboo will take on Old Man Scrooge.
Author: Jake Pinkman