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Deliver us from evil

Image The Tracking Board has exclusively learned that Skydance Productions has acquired the rights to the TV adaptation of A God in the Shed by Canadian author J .F. Dubo .

It is noteworthy that only a part of the novel was submitted to the producers for consideration, and deals with the rights to television adaptation in such cases are quite rare. However, the style and manner of storytelling of Dubos has already been compared to the work of Stephen King.

Saint Ferdinand is an idyllic village with only one main street. Here you will find a small police station, a gas station and a roadside cafe, several restaurants, a flower shop and a department store - all the delights of an old-fashioned town. The only unusual attraction in St. Ferdinand is the local cemetery, it is too big. The fact is that the victims of a serial killer who has been hiding from the police for over 20 years are buried here. When the criminal, who turned out to be the local eccentric Sam Finnegan , is still found, the evil continues to haunt the villagers. For many years, with the help of a spell, they tried to keep the ancient deity imprisoned, but it managed to free itself. By pure coincidence, Venus McKenzie and her friends lock the creature in a shed in the backyard of their parents' house. But while they try to understand

The project will be produced by Akiva Goldsman , who is currently working on the adaptation of King's The Dark Tower and is preparing an adaptation of his other work, the novel Doctor Sleep , for studio Warner Bros.

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