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The ghost dog will return to screens

Image In 2013, director Jim Jarmusch admitted that he had to spend seven long years working on the film "Only Lovers Left Alive", because in modern Hollywood no one wants to give money for original films with non-standard plots. The vampire drama received rave reviews in the press and entered the BBC's "100 Best Movies of the 21st Century," but failed to recoup its modest $ 7 million budget. The same fate befell Jarmusch's next film, Paterson, which, despite a fantastic 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, earned less than $ 10 million worldwide.

To continue to delight audiences, many indie stars are forced to venture into the Hollywood world of remakes, sequels and reboots. It seems that Jim Jarmusch also decided to take this path. As it became known, the eminent filmmaker intends to create a franchise based on his crime thriller Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

The first information about the upcoming project with the journalists of the French edition of Telerama was shared by the rapper RZA, who acted as a composer and performer of one of the supporting roles in the original 1999 film. “Jim Jarmusch and Forest Whitaker and I have agreed to be the producers of the new Ghost Dog,” said the musician. -We even have some scripts in our hands. " At the same time, RZA noted that the franchise could be further developed on both large and small screens.


The main character of the action-thriller was a hired killer, nicknamed the Ghost Dog, who strictly adhered to the ancient code of honor of the samurai. The picture was warmly received by critics and effortlessly recouped the production costs. The original film did not include sequels, and therefore a direct sequel to "Ghost Dog" is unlikely to cause a storm of positive emotions among fans of Jarmusch's work. The idea of creating a television remake of the 1999 film looks more promising, especially if Forest Whitaker returns to the role of a bushido expert in the series.


It is hoped that Jarmusch and company will soon share with journalists detailed information about the plot and format of the new "Ghost Dog".

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Author: Jake Pinkman