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AMC Channel Cannibal Hunt

Image Several years ago, the Canadian director and screenwriter David Cronenberg successfully proved that talented people are really talented in everything. In 2014, the acclaimed filmmaker debuted as a writer with the action-packed psychological thriller Consumed , which was warmly received by critics and praised by Stephen King himself. It is not surprising that soon Hollywood studios and popular American channels began to show interest in the adaptation of the book by the ideologue of the body-horror genre.

As it became known to the edition Deadline , Cronenberg decided to sell the rights to film adaptation of his work to the cable TV network AMC . The small screen adaptation of Used will be directed by Sheri Elwood (Lucifer) and Dave Erickson (Fear the Walking Dead). Insiders do not exclude that Cronenberg himself may take the director's chair of the pilot episode of the series.

The main characters of the surrealist novel David made two representatives of the yellow press - Nathan and Naomi . The first prepares material about the underground surgeon Zoltan Molnar , and the second begins an investigation into the death of the professor of philosophy Celestine Arostegui , who was allegedly killed and eaten by her own husband. As a result, the two storylines intertwine, and journalists find themselves in the very center of a global conspiracy ...


Elwood , Erickson and Cronenberg in the production team of the TV adaptation " Consumed " will be Robert Lantosh ("Vice for Export" ).

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