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Will Spider-Man Fight The Avengers?

Image Possible spoilers!

This spring, the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War allowed Marvel Studios to use Spider-Man in their cinematic universe for the first time. The debut of the young superhero in the highest grossing franchise in history turned out to be so successful that the audience began to count down the days until the premiere of his solo album.

The shooting of the new " Spider-Man " took place in the strictest secrecy, which is why numerous rumors and speculations began to appear on the Web about its plot and the composition of the antagonists. Since the representatives of Sony and Marvel did not want to shed light on the details of the reboot of the film series, Hollywood insiders decided to try to study the official merchandise of the film.

According to the portal Spider-Man News , LEGO is going to coincide with the premiere of " Spider-Man " with the release of several collectible sets of their constructors that will help recreate the most vivid and memorable fragments of the film. If this information turns out to be true, then the upcoming blockbuster will give viewers a funny scene in which the hero of Tom Holland will fight against bank robbers in masks of Avengers .


In April of this year, it became known that Robert Downey Jr. would take part in the work on the solo album Peter Parker . The description of another designer gives a hint that Iron Man will come to the rescue of his young protege in a fight scene with Vulture and Shocker .


It is worth noting that LEGO sets do quite often repeat scenes from superhero blockbusters, but sometimes they are simply created based on them. At one time, the "The Last Stand" set for "Ant-Man" contained a Hank Pym figure in a combat suit, but in the film itself, Michael Douglas' character did not participate in the final battle.

Spider-Man will premiere on July 6, 2017 .

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