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Sacha Baron Cohen hypnotizes criminals

Image Back in 2012, the studio Warner Bros. announced its readiness to film the comic " Madrake the Magician " ( Mandrake the Magician ), created by Lee Falk at 30 years. Since then, there has been no news about the project, but today the website The Tracking Board announced that Sacha Baron Cohen got the lead role in the film.

The original comic was published in 1934. Its main character is an illusionist and hypnotist who uses his abilities to fight crime in the company of Lazar , one of the strongest people in the world. The source says that the character, invented by Falk , will be adapted to modern realities - he will be hired by the US government to carry out a certain secret mission.

Madrake last visited the big screens in 1939, when Columbia Pictures produced a 12-part series, and in 1954 a television movie about a wizard was released. The new version of the story of the magician will be directed by Ethan Cohen, whose directorial debut was the comedy "Be Strong!" Janet Peeples, David Webb Peeples ("Twelve Monkeys") and Tom Wheeler ("Puss in Boots") worked on the script for the film.


Right now, the talent of Sasha Baron Cohen can be appreciated by watching the fantasy "Alice Through the Looking Glass", and in March this year the premiere of the comedy "The Brothers from Grimsby" with the actor took place.

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Author: Jake Pinkman