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Justin Lin to talk about US Special Forces

Image As it became known to the site Variety , work on the police drama The Stand Off produced by the studio Netflix will be led by Justin Lin . Lean directed Star Trek: Infinity, a full-length sci-fi movie, which is part of the Star Trek media franchise, as well as four parts of the Fast and Furious - "Fast & Furious Triple: Tokyo Drift", "Fast and Furious 4", "Fast and Furious 5" and "Fast and Furious 6."

The plot revolves around the events that took place in 1969, when a special group was formed in the Los Angeles Police Department to raid the Black Panther Party. The raid, carried out by hundreds of officers, led to a shootout that lasted several hours and ended with the arrest of six Party members on charges of illegal possession of weapons and conspiracy to kill police officers.


The action movie, based on true events, will be based on a script by Mark Hayman, one of the screenwriters of the Black Swan thriller starring Natalie Portman. The project is produced by Matthew Plouff, Tobey Maguire, Ben Shields Kathleen and Justin Lin himself.

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