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Crouching Damon, Lurking Pascal. The Great Wall Trailer

Image Soon, viewers around the world will be able to enjoy large-scale battles and oriental flavor in an unprecedentedly large-scale historical blockbuster for Chinese filmmakers " The Great Wall ". Not much is known about the film by the famous director and winner of three prizes at the Cannes Film Festival Zhang Yimou ("Hero", "Live"). Every now and then the information that pops up in the press was mainly devoted to the difficulties that accompanied the shooting of the film.

The Legendary project managed to change both the director (at first Edward Zwick was supposed to be the director), and the actors, and the country of production. At one time, the media even circulated information that the announced lead actor Matt Damon would not be able to participate in the project due to a conflict of schedules. Be that as it may, Legendary studio has finally presented the long-awaited long-term construction trailer.


According to the promo video, the Great Wall of China was erected not at all to protect the Chinese provinces from nomads, but to protect against a more terrible, supernatural threat. The heroes of Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal arrive in the medieval Celestial Empire to acquire some powerful weapon. However, their plan collapses, and the heroes have to defend the world from the invasion of monsters together with local warriors.

The collaboration of Legendary and Imou allowed to involve not only Damon and Pedro Pascal , but also Willem Dafoe, and over the script was written by writer Mark Brooks, whose novel " War of the Worlds Z " was filmed in 2013.

Great Wall
Dubbed Trailer

The USA premiere of " Great Wall " is scheduled for February 2 next year.

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