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Logan Director Takes On Bodyguard Remake

Image Last September, we reported that Sony Pictures had acquired the rights to a remake of the Franco-Belgian thriller The Bodyguard . According to Deadline , the director of the romantic comedy Kate and Leo, the western Train to Yuma and the comic strip Logan James Mangold went to the director's seat.

The main character of the 2015 film was a former military man with post-traumatic stress disorder, who was tasked with protecting the wife and son of a Lebanese millionaire. Alice Vinokour's film starring Matthias Schonarts and Diane Kruger received good reviews in the press and earned the right to represent France in the " Unusual View " program of the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival .

Taylor Sheridan began work on the script for the remake last fall. As it became known to Hollywood insiders, the author of the thrillers "Killer" and "At Any Cost" moved the scene of the story from the Cote d'Azur to Mallorca, added romantic notes to the plot and laid the foundation for the creation of a whole franchise.


In the near future, Sheridan and Mangold will make final edits to the text, after which the director will begin to select actors for the main roles. Sony management hopes that James can begin filming before the end of this year.


The Hollywood major's partner in the work on the new version of " Bodyguard " will be the studio Escape Artists , which already has experience in creating English-language remakes of European hits. At the moment, the American film company is preparing to release the film "The Untouchables", based on the famous French tragicomedy "1 + 1".

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