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Thor, Gauguin & Harms: Watch This Week

Image The new week will delight with loud premieres, bright actors and directors, funny and not so funny comedies, as well as USA films for which one is not ashamed. This is the rare occasion when you can pamper yourself with two or even three trips to the cinema. The main thing is to choose the right company and not make a mistake with the variety of popcorn.

It is best to go to the new "Torah" with friends. It is advisable with those who watched the first two parts, so that no one would be surprised when Loki once again betrays his naive older brother. A classic set of sweet popcorn and 1 liter cola will go well with "Jungle", and if your best friend is sitting next to you in a chair, the degree of empathy for the heroes will definitely become higher. The comedy "Kill for Like" can be watched even with neighbors, but it is better to go to the USA drama "Shards" alone.

The main premiere of this week is, without a doubt, the new part of "Torah", subtitled "Ragnarok". Whether you love Marvel movies or not, it doesn't really matter in this case. With a talented person like Taika Waititi at the helm, the film is doomed to be witty and hilarious. The director of "Real Ghouls" has repeatedly proved in practice that he has excellent taste and an extraordinary sense of humor. And where without Tom Hiddleston, on whose charm the first two parts of "Thor" were kept. However, this time Loki has serious competitors in the person of Cate Blanchett and, of course, Jeff Goldblum. For those who are not enough, there is a special bonus in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch.

ImageAccording to the plot, Thor returns to his homeland and realizes that his naughty youngest brother seized the throne of Asgard. Loki's short-sighted rule led to the onset of a terrible event - Ragnarok, which, according to ancient legend, will lead to the complete collapse of the world of Thor. In the hope of saving his homeland from disaster, Thor asks for help from the Hulk. Together they try to defeat the fire demon Surtur, whose goal is to destroy Asgard.

The adventure thriller "Jungle", like many films with Daniel Radcliffe, is highly controversial. The plot, familiar to us from the reality show "The Last Hero", which once aired on Channel One, is unlikely to surprise with unexpected twists. Everything is rather prosaic: a group of friends travels to the impenetrable jungles of Bolivia in the hope of getting new impressions. When their guide suddenly disappears, the friends are left alone with the wildlife. According to tradition, only one will survive. And, probably, it will be Radcliffe, since there are no other famous actors announced there. Lost in the Jungle by Yossi Ginsberg. The true, heartbreaking tale of adventure and survival ”that became the film's core is undeniably good. However, director Greg McLean, who directed The Office Experiment and "Wolf's Pit" simply unable to maintain the delicate balance between thriller and drama on screen. He is obviously brought in the direction of the first, which clearly does not benefit the plot.

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Comedy "Kill for Like" with the skinhead girl from "Deadpool" Brianna Hildenbrand and the young version of Storm from "X-Men: Apocalypse" Alexandra Shipp will appeal to all lovers of black humor. In the center of the plot are two girlfriends-classmates who are literally obsessed with the desire to become famous on social networks. One fine (or rather, terrible) day, they start a blog called "Nightmare Girls", in which they describe in vivid detail the atrocious murders that take place in their town. The number of subscribers is only growing every day, but the tragedies are becoming less and less. Then the girlfriends decide to independently choose victims for their "bloody" blog. Film director Tyler McIntyre has yet to make a name for himself in Hollywood, however, his latest work, Patchwork (also a comedy horror), has received awards at the Screamfest and Fantaspoa. Western film critics are vying with each other to sing praises to the picture, and everything would be fine, but do not expect too much. In the rating of the best black comedies of our time, "Kill for Like" is closer to "Scary Movie" than to "Killing Vacation".

ImageDirectorial debut of USA actress Alisa Khazanova "Fragments", produced by Roman Volobuev ( "Cold Front", "Blockbuster"), became one of the most talked about films at the Moscow International Film Festival. This is a story about a girl who is in search of herself. Her life is more like a dream, the events of which move in a vicious circle. "Shards" is not a typical movie for everyone, which calls for thinking a lot, asking questions and looking for answers to them somewhere within oneself.

If going to the cinema is just entertainment for you, then Alisa Khazanova's film will seem complicated, boring and too incomprehensible. Better skip this session and go to Ivan Bolotnikov's Kharms. The film, which won two awards at the Shanghai Film Festival, tells the story of the life of the Soviet writer and poet Daniil Yuvachev, better known as Kharms. The shooting took place in three countries at once - USA, Lithuania and Macedonia, and the music for "Kharms" was written by the "AuktsYon" group.

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Especially for lovers of high art, European cinema and Vincent Cassel's nose, the autobiographical drama "The Savage", which tells about the life of the famous artist Paul Gauguin, is being released. Tired of social life, Gauguin goes to Tahiti, where he meets a charming savage woman and immediately falls in love with her. "Savage" is full of passionate kisses, naked bodies and bearded Frenchmen. A touching love story against the backdrop of emotional lamentations and unexpected creative upsurge of the great artist will appeal to a couple who decided to while away Friday night in the cinema. To lonely connoisseurs of Paul Gauguin, the film may seem secondary, and the image of the artist - too primitive.

If you don't like Gauguin, but adore Pasolini, watch the biopic "Intrigues. Pasolini's last plot. " Another heartbreaking melodrama, "Don't Leave Me" by Danish director Birgitte Stamose, tells the difficult story of the relationship between the famous ballerina Darlene and her mentor Frans. Their relationship faces serious challenges when Darlene leaves the stage and is replaced by a younger, more beautiful and talented Giselle.

ImagePerhaps the main "surprise" of this week will be the detective "The Twisted House" , based on the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie. On the one hand, we have a brilliant cast (Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendrix, Glenn Close), but on the other, directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, who shot in 2015 the completely expressionless detective Dark Mysteries based on the novel by Gillian Flynn. Well-known actors were there, but even Charlize Theron was unable to pull out a tape with a stupid script and a similar direction. It remains only to wait for David Fincher, a man who knows how to film detective stories, in between filming series about profilers to take up full-length films.

For those who have been waiting for the next fantastic action movie with Ethan Hawke, there is a separate gift - the painting "24 Hours for a Life", in which Hawke, together with Rutger Hauer, tries to return life to secondary plots.

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