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Angel with the Makings of John Wick

Image Following the resounding success of Deadpool, one could expect Hollywood studios to take notice of other comic books by Rob Lifeld, the author behind the creation of the mercenary in the red tights. Deadline writes that at least one company did just that - Paramount and Akiva Goldsman will produce a film based on a series of graphic novels Avengelyne .

According to the source, Goldsman is still only producing the project, but in the future he may decide to lead the filming of the film adaptation. In the meantime, Paramount bosses are busy looking for the right scriptwriter to adapt the original, described as "John Wick," featuring a fallen angel.

Comic strip Avengelyne was published in 1995.Its main character is an angel who fights the forces of evil and often enters into battles with demons and monsters. She was once the most formidable warrior in Heaven and even tried to resist the Devil himself. However, Evangeline is now a fallen angel, devoid of his divine powers. With her there were only superpowers and blood that can be used as a weapon or medicine, and it is Evangeline that is the only hope of humanity for salvation in the face of the approaching apocalypse ...


Several years ago, Leifeld himself was going to write a script for a full-length film, in which the main role was to be played by Gina Carano, but work on the project never got off the ground.

Akiva Goldsman is one of the screenwriters of The Dark Tower. The filmmaker also led the Transformers group and is now working with Paramount to create a cinematic universe related to Hasbro toys.

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