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One is Stone, the other is Vikander: both are Christie

Image Over the course of a long and eventful life, Agatha Christie managed not only to make readers fall in love with the characters of his detectives, but also to draw attention to his own person. So, films about the life of the writer are currently being prepared in parallel by the Sony and Paramount studios. Recently, the portal The Hollywood Reporter found out who the bosses of each of the companies see as the legendary Englishwoman.

The production of Paramount , which has been known for more than three years, may be played by Emma Stone . The picture tells about the eleven days of December 1926, when the whole country was looking for the mysteriously disappeared writer. Since the true reasons for the loss of Christie have never become known to the general public, the filmmakers can present the original version of what happened without regard to the historical truth. In 1979, the film "Agatha" with Vanessa Redgrave in the title role was shot about those events.


The project, which is being prepared by Sony , has the Oscar-winning Alicia Vikander at the top of the list of candidates for the role of Christie . According to the newspaper, this picture will not focus on any particular event. The plot focuses on the early stages of the life and career of a feminist writer who did not agree with the traditional role of women in society at that time and chose the company of politicians and writers.


The publication reports that both studios have yet to settle all legal aspects of future productions with companies that hold the rights to the legacy of the Detective Queen .

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Author: Jake Pinkman