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In the Service of His Majesty

Image Hollywood decided to tell the audience the amazing life story of the man behind the success of the legendary King of Rock and Roll . According to Variety , eminent filmmakers Spencer Proffer (Gods and Monsters), Steve Binder (Elvis) and Joe Berlinger (Metallica) are ready to join forces on a biographical drama about the famous impresario Tome Parker .

The life of Parker has always been shrouded in an aura of mystery. The music manager was born in 1909 in Holland under the name Andreas Cornelies van Kijk . Already at a young age, he began to earn money at carnivals and daydream about a trip to America. He made his first visit to the New World at the age of 18. Two years later, Andreas decided to finally move to America. Some sources claim that he had to leave Holland due to legal problems. Some historians believe that he was suspected of murder, while others insist that he was just a witness to some crime.

America received Andreas not very friendly. To make ends meet, he had to take a different name, come up with a new biography and join the army. In his third year of service, Tom Parker got tired of following the orders of his superiors and decided to go AWOL. The fugitive was caught and thrown into solitary confinement, where he developed serious mental health problems. After two months of treatment in a psychiatric clinic, he was transferred to the reserve.


According to Parker himself, during the Great Depression, he had to live on one dollar a week. Tom's life changed dramatically in 1938 when he found work in the entertainment industry. In just a few years, he managed to become one of the most famous music promoters in North America. In 1948 he even received the honorary title " Colonel " from the Louisiana authorities.

In the spring of 1956, Parker signed a contract with 21-year-old Elvis Presley . Under the strict guidance of a talented impresario, the singer managed to make a meteoric rise to the top of the musical Olympus. Presley himself said that without the support of Parker he would never have been able to become the King of Rock and Roll . Elvis paid very generously for the services of his manager: instead of the usual 10-15 percent, Tom received about half of all the singer's income.


After Presley 's career began to decline, the impresario squandered almost his entire $ 100 million fortune at the gaming tables. After the death of Tom , his heirs only got a little over $ 1 million .

The plot of the biopic will be based on the novel by Alanna Nash " The Colonel: The Wonderful Story of Tom Parker and Elvis Presley ". Provisionally titled " Colonel " is expected to begin filming early next year.

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