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The US Boxing Office sensed the Force

Image The long-awaited premiere of the eighth episode of the space saga "Star Wars" has finally given the North American box office new hope. For three weeks, the total box office receipts of films in the United States fell steadily downward. The launch of The Last Jedi at the box office interrupted the protracted crisis and allowed American cinemas to increase their weekly revenue by almost two and a half times.

Ryan Johnson's tape managed to shame the skeptics, who argued that the public's interest in Star Wars had significantly weakened. The Last Jedi was only the second film in history after The Force Awakens, which managed to earn over $ 100 million in the United States on the day of its premiere. In total, at the end of the weekend, the account of the new film about the confrontation between the adherents of the light and dark sides of the Force turned out to be $ 220 million, which is almost 80% of the total amount that American viewers left at the box office of cinemas at the weekend.


The film was only $ 27 million short of the Force Awakens' record for the highest box office opening weekend at the North American box office. Disney's stunning debut saw Disney hit the $ 2 billion mark at home for the third year in a row. Outside the United States, the eighth episode earned $ 230 million, thanks to which its worldwide gross at the start of the box office amounted to $ 450 million. This impressive figure was achieved even without the support of moviegoers from the Middle Kingdom, where the film will premiere only early next year.


The second line of the financial rating is occupied by another novelty of distribution - the cartoon "Ferdinand". The animation film from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox received a lot of flattering reviews in the press, but could not give a decent rebuff to the Jedi. The adaptation of Munro Leaf's children's book turned out to be only $ 13.3 million, which was the worst indicator in the history of Blue Sky studio. The previous anti-record belonged to the cartoon "Ice Age: Collision is Inevitable", which started in the US last year at $ 21.3 million. Now, in order to recoup its impressive $ 111 million budget, "Ferdinand" will need the help of animation lovers from other countries.


The third step of the podium was taken by the leader of the three previous weeks of the North American box office - "The Secret of Coco". The painting by Lee Ankrich and Adrian Molina added another $ 10 million to its piggy bank, thanks to which its collection in North America exceeded the $ 150 million mark. ". The animation tape demonstrates a very confident course outside the United States. For example, in the Celestial Empire, she has already earned about $ 154 million. In the coming days, "Coco's Secret" will overtake "Despicable Me 3" and will come out on the clean second place in the ranking of the highest-grossing cartoons in the history of Chinese distribution. Only Disney's Zootopia with $ 235 million will remain ahead.


On the fourth line of the rating is the drama "Miracle", which continues to demonstrate miracles of endurance. In its fifth week in the North American box office, Stephen Chbosky's film lost only 36 percent of viewers, which allowed her to earn $ 5.4 million. The project's fees in the United States are already $ 109.3 million, and worldwide - $ 153.7 million.


The superhero action movie Justice League, which lost almost 57% of its viewership over the past week, dropped three places in the list of box office leaders. As a result, the blockbuster managed to bring its creators only $ 4.17 million, which increased its total box office in the United States to $ 219.5 million. According to financial analysts, the film comics will complete the worldwide release at around $ 675 million. Apparently, the Justice League will be left behind top twenty highest-grossing films about superheroes and inferior in gross to such films of the DC Cinematic Universe as "Suicide Squad" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

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