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Michael Sheen to Become Director and Killer

Image Actor Michael Sheen is going to become a director, but he doesn’t intend to forget about his old vocation, getting his hands on a new craft. As it became known to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the Briton will direct the filming of the crime thriller " The Green River Killer ", simultaneously portraying the central character in it.

The script for the production, written by Michael himself, is based on Jeff Jensen's comic book Green River Killer: A True Detective Story .The real story of the tape will unfold around the father of Jeff - detective Tom Jensen , who has been looking for a serial killer for almost 20 years who ruthlessly dealt with his victims throughout the 80s and 90s -s of the XX century. In the end, the arrested murderer turned out to be an American named Gary Ridgway ( Sheen ). In 2003, Gary pleaded guilty to 48 murders of women in Washington state. In exchange for agreeing to cooperate with the investigation, he was abolished the death penalty ...

Producers Sean McKittrick and Raymond Mansfield said in a statement: “With Michael's sophisticated approach , our story goes beyond the usual serial killer movies. Ridgway is a great character for an actor of Michael level, and of course he will find such a professional challenge worthy. We were always happy to support the actors who wanted to try their hand at directing, and, of course, we are very glad how everything turned out. ”


This December, fans of the Sheen -actor will be able to see their idol in the sci-fi film Passengers, and in March 2017 - in the dramatic thriller Oppenheimer's Strategy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman