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Roman Polanski Solves Writer's Dilemma

Image Three years have passed since the release of the last creation of Roman Polanski - the drama Venus in Furs. The director planned to lead the filming of the political thriller D about the so-called The Dreyfus Affair , but there was no progress in the work on the project, and Polanski decided to switch his attention to another movie.

As it became known to the site The Film Stage , the eminent director in the company of the French film maker Olivier Assayas ("Sils-Maria") is about to adapt the novel Based on a True Story( "Based on a true story" ) by Delphine De Vigan. It is Assayas who will write the script for the future project.

The work of the writer turned out to be autobiographical. What to create after your bestseller is published and how to move forward? While the author was considering all possible options and trying to cope with the surging depression, a mysterious girl L appeared in her environment, quickly taking an important place in the woman's life. True, the new friend had her own ideas about what a writer should do ...


Curiously, the latest film Olivier Assayas , the drama "Personal Shopper", has been compared by some critics to the classic film Polanski "Disgust".

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Author: Jake Pinkman