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The Reverse Coma and the Tired Special Agent: Watch This Week

Image In the new school year, film fans will be accompanied by a familiar elite agent Jason Bourne in the company of a whole gallery of vivid characters: an experimental psychologist, a cat with the mind of an adult man, tearing the templates of mothers and an avenger who has turned against the Armenian mafia. Obviously, our distributors pin their main hopes on the hero Matt Damon, who will return to us in the fifth part of the action franchise.

Jason Bourne combined in its plot both an integral spy component and an already slightly worn-out topic of social media, which, alas, did not save the film from negativity from the critical community. It is clear that the 120 millionth thriller starring a class A star and Paul Greengrass in the director's chair is not designed for the most picky viewers, but the creators of the fifth part of the film series failed to please even their target audience.

Jason Bourne
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According to early reviews, the new Bourne suffers from a lack of plot cohesion, lack of action scenes, limited primary characters and slurred editing. On the positive side, critics noted only Vincent Cassel, who played the mercenary nicknamed Special , and praised a couple of spectacular scenes with his participation. In general, "Bourne" , in fact, turned out to be a hostage of the genre: in the presence of all the attributes relying on a standard action movie, it is hardly capable of surprising the viewer with something special.

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Something special, perhaps, awaits us at the session of the painting The Ninth Life of Louis Drax . The film adaptation of the dark mystical thriller Liz Jensen starring Jamie Dornan will tell how the sticky web of parental failure can take an already suffering, difficult child into worlds that he will not want to leave. Dornan in this film plays a psychologist trying to penetrate the subconscious of his young patient using innovative techniques. The printed original can be called a fascinating study of the psychology of strange children, a revision of skeletons in closets always trying to fix everything by adults and a biased look at such a phenomenon of the human psyche as a coma. If director Max Minghella has managed to capture the ominous atmosphere of the book in his film, then "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax" may well claim to be the unofficial leader of the upcoming rental week.

Nine Lives
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Meanwhile, the main character of another film novelty, the fluffy cat from the new comedy by Barry Sonnenfeld, is preparing to live his nine lives. According to the plot, the character of Kevin Spacey, the father of the family, who is overly busy with his own business, is trapped in the body of his daughter's pet, becomes her new toy and starts a reassessment of values. The Americans didn't like Nine Lives very much: they felt that there was an overkill with jokes about sending natural feline needs and castration, so for a family viewing the film Sonnenfeld is absolutely not good. A spoonful of honey in a fly in the ointment were several responses from journalists who predictably praised the game Spacey , which organically fit into the image of an arrogant rich man and added solidity to the film.

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The comedy "Very Bad Moms" was received much more warmly in the United States, and thanks to the declared theme, it will certainly find a response among USA spectators. The film by John Lucas and Scott Moore tells about the incredible psychological pressure the status of a mother has on a modern woman, and how to get rid of this pressure without compromising the educational process. The main roles in the film were played by Mila Kunis, Katherine Khan and Kristen Bell - actresses who have repeatedly shown themselves in the comedy genre from the best sides and have already deserved many flattering words from their compatriots for the images of mothers.

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Another newcomer to the rental, the action movie The Chronicles of the Avenger , is obviously designed for the same viewer as Jason Bourne , but even less picky. World crime does not sleep, and the mysterious avenger with a sense of humor and very confident in his abilities is ready to completely eradicate it. Christian Sesma has shot the typicalB-movie, unburdened by the plot, replete with fights, gunfire, and racist and sexist jokes. Some critics have even come to the conclusion that The Chronicles of the Avenger cannot be called a full-fledged film - it is just a collection of cliches mixed in an arbitrary order.


USA filmmakers will present to the audience a comedy titled "All About Men" , in which Dmitry Nagiyev, Igor Vernik and Vladimir Epifantsev will talk about what modern men are made of and why they should be loved. And finally, connoisseurs of documentary films will be able to watch on the big screen the 2014 film "Life on a Volcano" about the everyday life, unusual work and dreams of three different Neapolitans who settled near Vesuvius.

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