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David Fincher doesn't believe in auteurs

Image Even in the last millennium, Francois Truffaut voiced the theory of auteur cinema, according to which the director is considered the central figure of the entire film process, the direct author with his own style of storytelling. In other words, you will never confuse Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange or Quentin Tarantino's new project with the work of other filmmakers. And if someone decides to compile a list of the best authors of our time, there will certainly be a place for David Fincher. However, the creator of the crime thriller "Mind Hunter" recently confessed his dislike of the very word "author" in relation to cinema, because the production of a film is too laborious and unpredictable process to be completely and completely entrusted to one person.

The problem with auteur cinema is that one person has to do everything and control everything. In fact, the entire filming process is chaos, - explains Fincher in his interview with Little White Lies. -Filmmaking is generally like a daily shootout. Even if you come out victorious, there are always wounded. No matter how much you plan and count, one moment can go wrong. You can meet over and over again to discuss one scene, or get right down to business and spend most of the day on the set with a few frames.

You can't choose a third violin in an orchestra and say, `` Here you play for everyone the whole concert. '' Everyone should be allowed to do what they know how. In this regard, the filming process is a series of happy accidents, when piled up, the finished material appears. Even in the design of jet engines, after dozens of verification tests, nothing can come of it. Everyone is doing their job. Why should a fluke turn into a master plan?”.


For Fincher, the existence of auteur cinematography contradicts these serendipitous accidents on set. Considering the professional versatility of the director, who managed to try on the roles of an actor, producer and screenwriter, as well as his style of work, it is surprising to hear that one person is not able to control the whole process. However, David assures that all this is not the author's vision, but the result of hard work by trial and error, after which you come to your ideal.

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Author: Jake Pinkman