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Non-stop comedy. Trailer without brakes

Image A dubbed trailer of the new French comedy No Brakes has appeared on the Web, which at first glance resembles a cross between the action movie Speed and the dramedy Little Miss Happiness. It was directed by Nicolas Benamou, best known for the Super Nanny franchise.

The plot revolves around a family going on vacation in a brand new minivan. To ease his driving duties, the protagonist turns on cruise control and sets the speed to 160 km / h. However, the smart system malfunctions, and the "crazy" car becomes a big problem not only for its passengers, but for everyone around ...

It is worth noting that Benama was inspired by the comedy "Close Up" with Robert Downey Jr., and this Hollywood star is suspiciously similar to the leading actor in "No Brakes" - actor Jose Garcia.

In our cinemas, the new film Nicolas will open on January 5 , but for now - fasten your seat belts! ..

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Author: Jake Pinkman