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Deadpool sequel is looking for a lucky superhero

Image In the post-credits scene of the film comic strip " Deadpool ", the chatty mercenary Wade Wilson promised that the sequel would give viewers a chance to meet the mutant Cable . The management of the studio 20th Century Fox has not yet found a performer for the role of this superhero, but has begun to search for an actress who will have to embody the image of his faithful combat friend. According to Collider , a dozen Hollywood beauties have joined the fight for the role of the mutant girl Domino .

The debut of Nina Thurman , nicknamed Domino , on the pages of Marvel comics took place in the early 90s. She acquired her powers as a result of the experiments of a secret government organization, trying to create ideal killing machines from their experimental subjects. In addition to superhuman reflexes and mastery of various types of melee and firearms, Domino has an amazing ability to influence the field of probability. With the help of her telekinetic abilities, she can make unlikely events happen, so that she is always accompanied by unthinkable luck.


The shortlisted for the role of Domino includes such actresses as Mary Elizabeth Winstead ( BrainDead ), Lizzie Kaplan (Illusion of Deception 2), Sienna Miller ("Sniper"), Sofia Boutella ("Kingsman: The Secret Service"), Stephanie Sigman ("Narcos" / Narcos ), Sylvia Hooks ("Best Offer"), Ruby Rose ("Dark Matter" / Dark Matter ), Mackenzie Davis (The Martian), Eve Hewson (The Spy Bridge) and Kelly Rohrbach (Rizzoli & Isles / Rizzoli & Isles ) .

There are also rumors in Hollywood that 20th Century Fox bosses and director Tim Miller have yet to agree on the identity of Cable . Rumor has it that the director wants to entrust the creation of this image to Kyle Chandler, while the studio insists on Liam Neeson's candidacy.


The path of the soloist Deadpool to the screens was long and thorny, but the superhero action movie Miller managed to win the title of the highest-grossing film about X-Men right off the bat. The film about the popular anti-hero of the comics Marvel finished its worldwide release with a result of $ 782.6 million .

Deadpool 2 is slated to world premiere on January 12, 2018 .

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