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Jesse Eisenberg will become a famous mime

Image The Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) seems to be busy with work for at least the next few years. According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , the actor will play the main role in the film titled Resistance * ( Resistance ).

The film will focus on the legendary mime Marcel Marceau and his participation in the French Resistance during World War II. The film will be shot according to his own script by Venezuelan director Honatan Yakubovich (Stone Fists).

The tape will tell how Marceau became a mime in order to survive on his own and save the lives of Jewish orphans, whose parents were recently killed by the Nazis. The film promises to be in the spirit of the Oscar-winning film Life Is Beautiful, where comedy is used as a way to help children get through the most difficult and dramatic situations imaginable.


Marcel Mangel , this name was given to the French actor at birth, grew up in Strasbourg, in a Jewish family of immigrants from Poland, his father was a kosher butcher. In 1944 he was killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Marceau became famous for his stage image of the clown Beep - a white-faced mime in a striped sweater and a battered hat. He called his work "the art of silence" and has performed on stage for over 60 years. The actor gave his first major performance in front of three thousand American soldiers after the liberation of Paris in 1944.


For his participation in the Resistance, Marcel Marceau was awarded the highest state award of France - the Order of the Legion of Honor. Marceau was friends with Michael Jackson for many years, and it is believed that it was under the influence of one of the actor's pantomimes Jackson that he invented his famous "moonwalk".

For Jesse Eisenberg , the story has a lot of personal character. The actor was born into a family of Polish Jews, some of whose members died during the Holocaust, and Jesse 's mother worked as a professional clown.


The last time on the big screens was Eisenberg in the detective thriller Illusion of Deception 2, and in the fall the actor will appear as Lex Luthor in the superhero blockbuster Justice League.

Resistance will be produced by Claudine Jakubovich and Carlos Garcia de Paredes, who collaborated on Stone Fists . Baptiste Marceau , the eldest son of Marseille , was directly involved in the preparation of the film and will act as the executive producer of the tape.

Filming is scheduled for early 2018.

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