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Sherlock Creators Will Revive Dracula

Image Now the future of "Sherlock" remains vague - the shooting schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are so tightly loaded that it is not possible to coordinate them, and the authors of the series have not yet made plans for a fifth season.

However, the creator of "Sherlock" Stephen Moffat and his colleague Mark Gatiss will not let the audience get bored - the duo is preparing a series, the central character of which will be Dracula . Sue Vertiu, producer of "Sherlock" , will also work with them. At the moment, both Moffat and Gateiss are busy working on other projects, but soon they plan to work closely with the script for a new show. It has yet to find shelter on any channel, but the British BBC is already showing interest in Moffat's new creation .

Mark Gatiss , who played in Sherlock Mycroft Holmes , previously admitted in his interviews that he is a fan of classic horror, in particular "Dracula" 1958 of the year. Moffat , in turn, has already worked in this genre - ten years ago he created the TV series Jekyll.


It is not yet clear in what time period the new show will unfold. It is only known that it will inherit the format of "Sherlock" - a mini-series with episodes as long as a full-length film.

The story of Dracula is no longer a surprise for TV lovers - in 2013, NBC aired the drama of the same name with Jonathan Reese Myers, but it lasted only one season. Hopefully, through the efforts of Moffat and Gatiss , the famous vampire will become as popular on small screens as the detective from Baker Street.

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Author: Jake Pinkman